Violinist Chee-Yun Performs at the Dallas Chamber Symphony

A performer, a teacher, a liver-of-life to the absolute fullest, a traveler, and a musician – what you should begin asking yourself when reading up on renown violinist Chee-Yun is what can’t she do? Last week Chee-Yun lead the Dallas Chamber Symphony in a performance of The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, which was conducted by Richard McKay.

“It is one of the most exciting repertoires that I’ve ever learned to perform, and I love playing it every single time. It is very interactive.”

Though Chee-Yun has traveled literally all over the world, bringing her passion and her music to a multitude of audiences, her beautiful gift that’s afforded her so many other-worldly opportunities (did I mentioned she guest appeared in Curb Your Enthusiasm? See 2:26) also keeps her grounded as she continues to grow.

“Music definitely humbles me. The more I learn about it, I feel like there’s so much more to learn. I’m not there yet – and I love playing it.

Chee-Yun is a seasoned solo-performer, but there’s just something about the collaborative efforts of many that make performances that much more special and fun to her.

“I love having a lot of people on stage with me, and obviously I like to have a lot of people in the audience,” Chee-Yun said excitedly. “Live concerts are about the energy and the exchange of energy…of people on stage and in the audience. There’s so much communication…Live performance is exciting and spontaneous.”

Be sure to experience the atmosphere of the Dallas Chamber Symphony yourself at the upcoming event, Appalachian Springs. Treat yourself to a night full of fine art out on the town! Details about the event provided by the Dallas Chamber Symphony can be found below!

Dallas Chamber Symphony presents

Appalachian Spring

Saturday, March 23rd at 8PM

Moody Performance Hall

2520 Flora Street

Dallas, TX 75201

Featuring a world premiere by Kim Osberg, Copland’s Appalachian Spring Suite, and the award-winning UnSilent Film Series showcasing comedy movie classic Bumping Into Broadway starring Harold Lloyd with original score composed by Rolfe Kent. Tickets available at

Image courtesy of Chee-Yun, Dallas Chamber Symphony

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