Third Annual Dallas Millennial Gala: A Rose Gold Affair

It's that time of year again, the third annual Dallas Millennial Gala (DMG) will take place this Saturday, Dec. 8, and we couldn't be more excited! This year's theme is a "Rose Gold Affair" and we are looking forward to a night full of glitz and glam. The Dallas Millennial club hosts an annual gala benefiting Millennials for STEM, an educational nonprofit organization that empowers local Dallas students facing financial and medical hardships, to pursue programs in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The DMG was started by co-founder Noble Madu, a well-respected entrepreneur in Dallas who has built a name for himself. Seeing there was a need for young entrepreneurs and professionals to connect and network with one another, Noble took the initiative and the gala was started. Since then, the Dallas Millennial club has begun shaping the future of young professionals in the DFW community. Their core values consist of connecting, serving, experiencing and learning which has allowed them to build a strong foundation as they continue moving upward as an organization. We got the opportunity to talk with Noble as he shared his insights with us about the upcoming gala, stay tuned. file-1 DFW Style Daily: What does this Gala mean to you? Noble: "The gala is the cumulative result of our year-long efforts towards service, development, and impact. We love to gather our members, sponsors, partners, etc. together to celebrate what we have accomplished and look forward to as we enter 2019." DFW Style Daily: What are you most looking forward to the day of the Gala? Noble: "I am looking forward to relaxing, eating dinner and enjoying the gala and cause this year. Last year I spent a lot of time coordinating the event, and this year we have a bigger team led by Heather Lane Events." DFW Style Daily: Tell us more about the philanthropy you guys are benefiting and raising money for? Noble: "We are big supporters of education-based charities and participate heavily in multiple organizations. In 2017, we started a foundation called Millennials for STEM that is focused on providing resources, support, and excitement to undeserved students in science, tech, engineering, and mathematics. The Dallas Millennial Gala’s funds will support this foundation and the scholarships and resources that it provides." DFW Style Daily: How was the Dallas Millennial Club founded and what does it mean to you? Noble: "I suppose necessity is the mother of inventions in this case. DMC was founded by a handful of founding members that listened to the needs of professionals around them. Two years ago, we hosted one big event that led to multiple guests mentioning that there was a need for more connections, education, wellness and growth outside of their work circles. By listening to those voices, we were able to host more events and position Millennial Clubs to provide value." DFW Style Daily: Why is it important to have a club that represents Millennials? Noble: "It's important because Millennials have an important role to play in the global marketplace now and for the next 30+ years. In order to be more impactful, we have to create more opportunities for us to come together and grow in different facets of life. Together our voices are stronger. With our Millennial Mentor community, we are building a knowledge base with members that are executives and CEOs of some great organizations. Their ages stretch beyond "Millennial" as a generation and start to open up a conversation on how we view Millennial as a mindset and a club with a 1,000-year vision. Those are the conversations we desire to be in." DFW Style Daily: What does the Millennial Club do for the community? Noble: "Millennial Clubs empowers our members with opportunities to connect to enriching lifestyle benefits, serve people, develop personally as well as define and create impact. Ultimately our members are business owners, doctors, philanthropist, teachers, professionals, etc. that enrich communities with a mindset focused honed in on value." DFW Style Daily: What can we expect next from you guys? Noble: "More events. More member benefits. More brands. More Millennial Clubs in the world. Stay tuned." file5-1 (1) Join us for this unforgettable night as we pop champagne, pull out our formal gowns, and celebrate the amazing cause that the Millennial club has created. The gala will take place this Saturday at the Omni Hotel from 8:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m., purchase your tickets here. With an expected attendance of 1,000 people, this empowering night will be one for the books. Get your glam on and join us for this must-attend event, we'll see you there! All images courtesy of Dallas Millennial Club

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