Creative Entrepreneurs Rejoice, Flea Style Summit Is Here!

Flea Style Summit is a conference that focuses on empowering creative minds and advocating small businesses in Dallas. Launched by Flea Style founder Brittany Cobb in 2016, the conference allows aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about the industry and network with each other. FSS-268-1282x1920 “I wanted to start Summit to give back to the creative community and build a real brand for Flea Style,” Cobb said. Complete with food, cocktails and a curated market, Summit brings together a group of esteemed panelists that educate attendees looking to become small business owners themselves. These panels initiate conversations about anything from individual failures to next-level marketing and social media. FSS-267-1920x1282 “We look for people that are comfortable opening up and talking candidly about the highs and hardships of being a boss, working mom, you name it,” Cobb said. “I look for people that are doing something creative for their career path but that really range in their style of business and scope of work to give attendees a wide range of viewpoints and opinions.” Cobb says that the last Summit helped start dozens of new companies in and out of Texas, which has a positive “ripple effect” in the small business community. FSS-200-1920x1282 “I would like us to continue to create these moments of magic and play a small role in somebody’s startup or reboot story whether it be in business or even just life,” Cobb said. “We’re about education and empowering first and foremost.” Cobb hopes to expand this facet of Flea Style in order to continue giving back to the small business community. “By doing something so heartfelt we’re already seeing the rewards both emotionally and to our shows and vendor family,” Cobb says. The next Flea Style Summit will take place next Saturday, Feb. 25 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Fashion Industry Gallery in Dallas. Tickets and more info can be found at Images courtesy of Flea Style.