The Little D Market Is Back To Satisfy Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Needs

The Little D Market is back to solve your last-minute holiday shopping needs. This week in at two locations in downtown Dallas, the Little Downtown Holiday Market will spotlight local makers of all kinds from bakers to jewelry makers. Stop by this Thursday, Dec. 15 at Pegasus Plaza or Saturday, Dec. 17 at Main Street Garden to experience the little market at its best. succulent-wreath-012 Local makers such as Mistura Timepieces, Sol and Succulent, Nikki Smith Designs, and Uptown Pet Wear will be offering up their best holiday handiwork for attendees from 4 to 8 p.m. on Dec. 15. Simplicity CosmeticsHaus Of Growlers, BREDA Watches, and more will join in on the fun on Dec. 17 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Read on as we get to know a few of the local makers! img_2567

The Crafty Ginger

How did this idea come about? "I decided one day that I was going to make a bench. I sketched out my idea, went searching for fences on the curb around my neighborhood and went home to start sawing and painting. The entire structure of the bench was made of reclaimed wood (pieces from a torn down fence) and I still have it on my front porch. It became my Patchwork Bench and I kept sketching and making these ideas using all I could from old pieces of wood that others didn't want." Which items are your most popular? "The Serving Trays, made from old fence wood and fence hardware, are the most popular item throughout the year, they're are both functional and decorative. And, of course, Texas shaped decor is popular!" OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Clover Hollow Soaps & Sundries

What is your signature soap?

"My Market Fresh Goat's Milk Soap. The Market Fresh line was my very first product line and are definitely my best selling items. There are currently six fragrances available in the line, all reminiscent of scents you may find at your local farmer's market. This year the rosemary mint and the citrus basil have been customer favorites."

Where did you learn about homeopathic/natural remedies? "I became interested in natural remedies at a very young age after reading a series of books about a young herbalist. Since then I have read and studied hundreds of books on natural remedies and the use of herbs for health and beauty, so starting a business that allows me to use that knowledge was a natural progression. I am currently working towards becoming a Certified Master Herbalist and Aromatherapist!" image3

The Perfect Bite Co.

How did you become an entrepreneur? "I wanted a change of pace from working in the restaurant industry (my family owns the Thai Papaya Garden in Euless) and I wanted to build a business model that reflected the various culinary interests [of my husband and I]. With Will's background in baking and pastry arts and my background in savory cuisine and fine dining, we set up The Perfect Bite to be a multi-faceted culinary services business: an artisan bakery, boutique-style catering service and personal chef service." What can our taste buds look forward to at the Holiday Market? "We have certain things we do very well. For example, Will's Southern-Style Macaroons are part of our signature collection for the bakery - along with our Salted-Chocolate Brownie Bites and S'mores Bars." birdboxes1


What exactly is an artisanal bird house?

"A birdbox is a handmade fully functional structure for wild birds that provides a safe place to nest away from predators as well as protection from the elements. The size, shape, and openings differ, accommodating multiple types of birds." How did you come up with the idea? "I was helping a friend convert his old garage into an airy carport. He gave me the leftover cedar lumber and jokingly suggested I 'make some birdhouses.' Six months later, I had a few prototypes built and birdbox2 was born." Image 1 courtesy of Succulently Urban. All other images courtesy of individual retailers.