Make Your Own Head-Turning New Year’s Hair Accessories

  We at DFW Style Daily understand that sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. Can’t quite swing a chic new accessory for every single shindig? Seeking a unique gift for someone very special? Hello? Make it yourself! In our new crafting series, we’re showing you step-by-step how to make your own fashionable treasures. Read on for today’s glittering goodies, just in time for New Year’s Eve. Click here for more Design-It-Yourself projects!  

  Another new year is upon us, and in this season of fresh starts, we're stressing a slightly different mantra: Out with the old and in with renew. For starters, we’re going to show you how to turn your old or broken jewelry into fabulous hair accessories. Why throw something away when you can transform it instead?  

  The Set-Up: As we always say, use the buddy system. Pop open a bottle of bubbly to welcome 2014, grab your bestie, and make some new memories together.  

  Next, reach down into the depths of your jewelry boxes. If you’re like us, there you’ll find broken necklaces, orphaned earrings, and various other forgotten baubles you haven't worn in years. For this project, sort out all those gems you’ll never wear again to create your new hair pins, combs, and headbands. You will also need plain hair accessories to decorate, pliers, tweezers, a needle and dark thread, glitter, and glue that bonds with both metal and plastic. You can find the glue at any art or home improvement store for under $10, and we’re willing to bet you have the rest of the supplies right at your fingertips.   Step 1: Like a lovely little one-man demolition crew, use your tools to remove the stones, beads, and such from the old jewelry. This part can require some elbow grease, but it’s really darn fun.  

  Step 2: Next, lay out how you’d like each new piece to look, and glue the beautiful bits onto the hair accessories. Let each item set a few minutes before moving it aside and starting a new one.  

  The tweezers come in handy for smaller jewels, and the needle and thread may be required to secure larger pieces. Finally, glitter is great for filling in gaps (or just use it on its own).  

  Step 3: Time plays an important part in this project, so here is where the champagne will really come into play. After you complete each accessory, it will need to set for at least 30 minutes before you move it to a final drying place. Make sure you have a large enough work space and some patience to keep your new pieces safe.  

   Step 4: After 24 hours (and we don't suggest you drink champagne the entire waiting period, by the way) your new, fashionable hair accessories will be ready to debut. And, it should also be just about time to get ready for New Year’s Eve.  

  Your girlfriends will think you paid upwards of $20 for each pin, comb, or clip at some fancy boutique. Feel free to brag a little when you reveal that you made them all on your own.  

  All photos, credit Heather Lettieri for DFW Style Daily.    

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