Holiday Gift Guide: For Fabulous, Fearless Females

  Each year, we have the most fun selecting gifts for the fearless and fabulous women in our lives. The office mate who shares hilarious secrets, the aunt who drinks a little too much bubbly at Christmas and breaks out the embarrassing photos, and, of course, our incomparable, indispensable BFF’s. Don’t these ladies deserve much more than $10 Chili’s gift cards or a boring Land's End tote bag? With these gifts, we can really go wild! Below, find our top picks for celebrating our favorite female partners in crime:       Betsy and Iya’s handmade jewelry is high on design and friendly on the wallet. Product descriptions are also mini-movies, as with the Double Talus Ring ($28). “The open roads of west Texas egged her speedometer on,” goes the tale. We’ll let you click for the rest!             The Nate Berkus for Target collection didn't get quite as much attention as certain other collaborations - and that's actually good news. Still in stock, many items are waiting to become fantastic gifts. Feminine, but not girly, and grown-up, but not stuffy, these décor items hit a range of price points ($10-$120) and curatorial tastes. Shop online or at area Target stores.         If your coworker loves chocolate, if she really loves chocolate, leave the Whitman's Sampler for amateur hour. Treat your office sis to a whole new world of decadence with Vosges Chocolates. Inside glamorous purple hatboxes, towers, and bags, she'll find mind-blowing flavor profiles like dark chocolate-fennel, absinthe, and Chinese star anise. If you're truly lucky, she'll share.         It doesn't matter if your best friend is a homebody or a party animal, she'll love slipping into a Missoni bath robe (from $300) the morning after a good night's sleep or a great night out. Available in a range of patterns, select the one to suit her quiet (or very loud) personality.               Because we all have that one friend or fun family member who is just a little, um, weird, we can’t resist an occult antique from vintage wonderland Dolly Python (1914 N. Haskell Avenue, Dallas). A Victorian Mourning Necklace ($185), for instance, made with real human hair, will be a gift she won't soon forget.             Finally, if you really want to say You Rock, why not take her to Rock Camp? Local non-profit Girls Rock Dallas hosts 30 girls each summer, transforming them from newbies to jukebox heroes in the span of a week. Raising self confidence and building teamwork skills come with the territory.       Ladies Rock Camp is a fundraiser for the summer program, where women age 18-and-up spend a weekend learning an instrument, forming a band, and performing an original song at a local venue. We can’t imagine anything better than living out a rock star fantasy while helping a great cause. For more information, visit       (Image credits, from top: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6.  

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