Paper Dresses and Ingenuity: A New Look at Fad Fashion

The 60’s: Rock n’ Roll, LSD, and…paper dresses? Yep, paper dresses- a marketing gimmick turned million dollar industry swept the country with a molten quickness from 1966 to 1968. It was the granddaddy of the Instagram trend phenomenon, birthing a viral trend without the […]

Live Fast Die Young: The American Apparel Story

When we first heard the news of American Apparel going bankrupt in December, we were a bit surprised. Founded in 1989, the American-bred company that prided itself on being made on U.S. soil has become a favorite among young adults for their simple, yet stylish […]

Clan of Cro: Breaking The Rules Of Fast Fashion

Eco-fashion and sustainable fashion lines are popping up everywhere. While some use recycled materials, others aim to end child labor and create fairer trade practices abroad. With the influx of fast fashion brands in the marketplace, these eco-conscious designers are creating clothes in a […]