Esé Azénabor Makes A Statement With The Second Annual Woman X Power

Well-known Dallas designer, Esé Azénabor does it again with the second annual Woman X Power charity runway event. It's been a week since the show and we're still in awe. The Woman X Power event showcased fashion and bold statements while benefiting Action With Compassion, a Dallas based organization fighting against domestic violence. Esé's Woman X Power runway highlighted the true definition of women empowerment with such style and delicacy! Known for their unique partnerships with local charities, Esé has partnered with My Refuge House, Ally's Wish FoundationOur Hearts Day Habilitation Center and several others. This years collection was inspired by the intricate look of stained glass, creating different shapes and sizes Esé was able to bring that to life on the runway. Stay tuned as we hear from Esé herself as she shares the inspo and much more from last weeks show! DSC00810 DFW Style Daily: Tell us more about the inspiration behind this year's collection? Esé: "I was inspired by St. Patricks Cathedral in NYC. I’ve seen stained glass before but had never seen anything of that magnitude. After doing research about stained glass and learning that it’s all made by hand after being broken and put back together to create the different shapes and historical images, I felt encouraged to build a collection around this beautiful artwork. I took various fabrics of different colors and beadwork to create a different kind of artwork with my clothes. And that’s how the name Objet D’Art came to be." DFW Style Daily: How did you get into the fashion industry and when did you know this was your calling? Esé: "I got into the fashion industry in 2012 knowing since I was a little girl that this is where I wanted it to be. It just took me time to learn how to create a business around my love and passion for clothes." DFW Style Daily: Which charity partner are you working with this year and how are you guys are making a difference? Esé: "Kim Olusanya is an amazing woman, entrepreneur, and Survivor. She is the CEO of several businesses but is also the founder of Action With Compassion Dallas, which we will be benefitting with at our Second Annual Woman X Power. Action with Compassion Dallas seeks to reduce domestic violence in the community and advocate for the victims so that they can believe in their dreams again. They train and mentor victims to give them new skills that will take them from surviving to thriving!" DSC00789 DFW Style Daily: Who do you envision wearing your collection and who is the Esé woman? Esé: "The Esé woman is strong, she’s a powerhouse, she commands attention, she’s focused, she’s an entrepreneur and she loves to have fun. That’s the woman we envision wearing our collection." DFW Style Daily: Tell us about your recent celebrity collabs and what it was like dressing the stars? Esé: "Amongst many amazing celebrity women we have worked with, it was amazing to work with Michelle Williams who came to visit our showroom, Vivica Fox who has us meet her at her hotel to dress her, and with country singer Kelsea Ballerini who begged her styled to pull from us." DFW Style Daily: What can we expect to see from you next? Esé: "You can expect a lot of dark but bold colors, pantsuits, jumpsuits, a lot of high slit gowns, and edgy and flirty garments that command attention. Get ready!" If you missed last weeks Woman X Power runway show there is no need to worry, you can still see the great works of Esé Azénabor at their showroom which is located at 100 Cole Street, Dallas, TX in the Design District. It includes all of their evening wear gowns, followed by their bridal salon and behind all of that is where "the magic happens!" Keep a lookout for next years Woman X Power as Esé continues to bring iconic fashion to DFW. DSC00026 Images Courtesy of Ashlee Russ.

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