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At DFW Style Daily, we love our fellow girl bosses. The entrepreneurial duo Krista Williams and Lindsey Simick of the Almost 30 Podcast are making waves across the nation and are looking like major bosses while doing it. Almost 30 is a Top 100 iTunes Podcast for all things health, wellness, entrepreneurship, self-development, humor, and most importantly, honesty. These blonde bombshells help empower and inspire women through their supportive community, #Almost30Nation. The ladies get to interact with their fans through meetups, workshops, workout classes, and especially now during their Almost 30 Summer 2018 Nation Wide Tour, where they stopped in Dallas in September. Suzy Batiz, founder of Poo-Pourri and one of Almost 30's amazing guests, hosted the event at her home where she walked us through her journey of starting a multi-million dollar company and closed the event by leading an intimate sound meditation. Guests enjoyed freshly made acai bowls courtesy of Dallas based Vida Bowls and left with gift bags filled with products from some of Almost 30's amazing sponsors including Lori Harder's A Tribe Called Bliss, Kopari Coconut Deo, HUM Nutrition, Poo-Pourri from Suzy and the amazing "Poo-Crew," along with many more. Get to know Krista and Lindsey and hear about the event below!almost 30Krista and Lindsey stopped at the home of Suzy Batiz, creator, and CEO of POO-POURII. They got to discuss entrepreneurial insights and much more.

Why were are you excited to meet your Dallas audience?

From the get-go, Texas has been a community that we’ve always felt we connected to! They’ve been so supportive and engaged, and we knew we had to make Texas at least two stops on the tour. There is something about the people, they’re so friendly, warm, and fun we cannot wait to spend as much time as possible here! Dallas, especially with our amazing event with Poo-Pourri, is going to be EPIC. We’re making it super intimate, special and thoughtful just for our Dallas ladies.

What brought you two together/what attracted you to one another?

Krista: We were brought together by SoulCycle, where Lindsey works and where I wanted to work. I auditioned to become a SoulCycle instructor, and Lindsey helped me through the audition. She was in LA and I was in NYC the first time we met, but I moved there soon after and we started hanging out immediately. Plus, there’s so much that’s attractive about Lindsey! In both ways, personality and looks hehe. But I just felt more drawn to her and her energy than anyone in a long time. It was E-A-S-Y. We got each other, we were really up front, honest, forward, and just down to grow and hang. It was love at first sight for sure! 

Lindsey:  Krista has always seen me for who I really am.  That is one of her many gifts.  She wants to talk about things that are important to you, to her, to the world.  She is thoughtful, insanely driven, and a master multitasker.  I love creating with Krista because I learn something new about business, about friendship and about myself every day.  From the moment we said yes to Almost 30, I knew our potential was limitless.  

What was your mission when you began Almost 30?

Krista: Our mission was created when we realized that we had listeners all over the world that were being impacted by our message. I didn’t even think that I could have a mission or had a purpose, until the response. But now it’s so crystal clear what we are put on earth to do, it’s been such a beautiful experience. 

Lindsey:  It’s hard to believe that we went from recording on our closet floors to reaching hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.  Our mission is to give others the permission to. be themselves, to speak their truth, and to create. freely because THE WORLD NEEDS THEM.

Who/what has been your greatest inspiration?

Krista: I never thought I would be at a place that I would say that the community that we’ve created inspires me. I hear their stories, their strength, their KINDNESS, their courage and I am just BLOWN away. There’s also so much support and love that these women have for their friends, family and loved ones that just radiates. 

They also push us to grow and evolve. They will tell us what they want to hear on the podcast, what topics are important to them, and what we are missing the mark on and we LISTEN and adjust. So their feedback and insight has been critical to us as we grow and the inspiration for our episodes. 

Lindsey: I agree our community has been an incredible source of inspiration.  But I'm also pretty inspired by ME!  I think we can all take a little more time to honor the work we've done and the lessons we've learned...all of which has helped us land right here.  almost dallasWhat piece of advice would you give to women who want to become entrepreneurs?

Krista: Before I left my 9-5 job 4 months ago to go full time with Almost 30, I tried to be an entrepreneur and ‘failed’. I quit my 9-5 job to pursue blogging full-time, and after a few months went back to the corporate world to find a job. All to say that it’s never a perfectly linear path, and you never know what can happen but be open to the possibility of big things, and of adjusting and pivoting along the way.

Lindsey:  Whatever that thing is that is pulling you--do one thing every day that feeds it. the love it needs to keep on living.  It can be three minutes of your time or hours.  It can be an e-mail, a phone call, a diagram, a meditation...Give yourself that permission every-DAY.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your podcast?

Krista: Each podcast is so different and the messages get so deep, it’s like each podcast episode has a very specific and deep meaningful message (there are some that are just plain fun too!) But I really want them to just feel better about being themselves. Whether that’s a spiritual person who is interested in crystals and tarot cards or someone who doesn’t identify as a specific gender (gender non-binary!) there’s a huge range, but by Lindsey and I both being really authentic, real, we hopefully set the stage for that as well. 

Lindsey:  So many things.  But I hope that our listeners can listen to any episode and walk away feeling empowered to be human.   I hope that their appreciation for their successes extends over their imperfections, too.

What is the culture of your community, aka #Almost30Nation, like and what does community mean to you?

Krista: Oh man! #almost30nation never ceases to amaze me! Each time I feel like they can’t get any cooler, or smarter, or more thoughtful, I meet another amazing person. It’s actually made me fall really deeply in love with humanity actually. I have so much hope because of them. We see in the Secret Almost 30 Podcast Facebook group all the time all of the amazing sweet things they are saying tone another, all the support they are giving, and it blows me away every time. We’ve never had to moderate, delete or edit anything and it’s now become a constant source of joy for Lindsey and me! 

Lindsey:  #Almost30nation feel like they are our best friends.  No joke.  Every time we meet one of them in person, it feels as if we could pick up where we left off.  We are just that connected.  They are so loving, supportive, curious, open, and willing to help one another on a whole other level!  The kindness and inclusiveness that we have witnessed have brought me to tears.  This community is everything to us.

What about starting your own business surprised you?

Krista: How much time everything takes! There is SO MUCH learning going on. As an example, yesterday we spoke at a conference, had to leave to go to our hotel, record for a few hours and then just ate dinner and went to bed. But if you just saw our Instagram Stories you would think we just had this amazing event we spoke at and checked into our gorgeous hotel that’s free and had an amazing relaxing night. There is so much happening behind the scenes that no one really sees. It’s so much work, and small fires you have to put out on a daily basis. 

Lindsey:  It surprised me that when you are building something you love and believe in it feels like flow, people come out of nowhere and see the energy behind it and want to help and be a part of it.  It surprised me that this feels so much more than us and I love that the most.  I never thought that I would be an entrepreneur in this sense.  So I am in an intense learning season right now--but I have the best team to teach and support me along the way.almost 30 2If there weren’t an Almost 30 podcast, what would y’all be doing?

Krista: Probably still at my 9-5 job, LOL Not probably, but actually. I never thought I could be a part of something like this. I had my blog that I love (The Hundred Blog, and I still do a lot of, but I never felt like I truly connected with blogging (I hate having so many pictures taken, ha). So, thank goodness for this because life would be way less fun! 

Lindsey: I've always done a lot of things at once--acting, SoulCycle, fit modeling, etc.  While I still juggle those, Almost 30 has landed at the perfect time for me to work my creative muscle in a new way--a way that fills me to the TOP!!

When are you all your most confident/fullest self?

Krista: When I am on stage! Truly, when we have our events and are speaking to our community I just feel SO GOOD. I can feel the love from everyone that we meet, and it just feels like I am with old friends. I’ve never once been nervous to speak to our listeners because they’re the kindest, coolest people on earth. I know when I am speaking, that I am using my gifts to their best use! 

Lindsey: Yes, speaking to our community in person.  I can just be myself and that feels amazing.

How do you measure success?

Krista: By the number of people we impact, and the impact that we have. We really feel most successful. When I read a DM or email that talks about how we’ve changed someone's life, made them laugh, helped them feel more connected, or more spiritual…it’s everything! We have a mission to impact as many people as possible, but knowing that the ones we do impact, it’s SUPER deep, there is nothing better.

Lindsey: My idea of success has changed dramatically since starting Almost 30.  Success is leaving every space, every relationship, every cause a little bit better than you found it.  Knowing that we are helping women to turn back inward toward themselves for the answers and the power is the success.  

Image 1 courtesy of Almost 30 Podcast, Image 2 courtesy of Karlo X. Ramos, Image 3 courtesy of Almost 30 Podcast.

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