How Brittany Cobb Turned Flea Style Into A Lifestyle Brand

L05Ds7aAInspired by her love for vintage and handmade goods, Brittany Cobb has spent the past nine years running a successful vintage shop and event space that boasts one-of-a-kind and handmade pieces. Flea Style (formerly The Dallas Flea) started in 2009 as a small holiday market and recently found a permanent home in Deep Ellum, June of 2018. When shopping at Flea Style, you won’t find anything that’s not handmade, vintage, or one-of-a-kind. Brittany collaborates with former and current vendors from her shows to find unique pieces made to stand the test of time and push the boundaries on current trends. Brittany also draws on her own style for inspiration for the store by explaining, “I am the brand, so it’s very easy for me to stay true to it. I am 100-percent our customer so every move I make I am naturally thinking about them because I’m walking in their shoes.” Some of her favorite vendors include Pink and Silver, Sabon Home, Ribelle Studio, and Cheeni Baby.C_gQ_VNAWhile the shop has already become a local hot-spot, Flea Style is more than just a vintage store. Brittany hosts the popular podcast, Friday’s with Flea Style as well as feature panelists and speakers in educational creative summits all in the shop’s spacious showroom. Right now, Brittany and the Flea Style team are focusing on fine-tuning retail operations, booking more events in the studio space, securing amazing podcast guests, monetizing partnerships, and making the seasonal shows bigger and better than ever. Brittany attributes Flea Style’s growth to be the most challenging and rewarding factor in the process of starting her business. “Knowing how to steer the ship – especially one that’s in unchartered waters – is not easy. But I think when you stay ahead of challenges and tackling them right away, you have a better chance of surviving and succeeding.” By following her dreams, Brittany has not only created a successful business but crafted a lifestyle brand. “I think the key to growing a company and finding success is sticking with it. There are so many days I just want to give up and be a full-time mom, but then the major highs come and remind me why I plug away little by little each day.” Click here to check out Flea Style's upcoming events. Images courtesy of Flea Style. 

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