Best In Dallas: Native And Artist Ryan Ekmark Shares His Passions For Dallas

This week in the Best In Dallas, we’re turning our spotlight to Dallas native, Ryan Ekmark! This one of a kind artist is known for his unique style of art that transforms reclaimed lumber into custom geometric wood art. Ryan tells us about what started from a pile of scrap wood which later turned into a career. Come along and learn about his journey while discovering the local hidden jewels he loves.20180805_115313 Ryan Ekmark has always gravitated toward complex, three-dimensional artwork since his high school years. One of his specialties in wood art is creating a kaleidoscope of patterns and colors. Inspired by artists such as M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, and Georgia O’Keeffe, Ryan also draws inspiration from the surrounding architecture, sacred geometry, vector patterns, and, where else but the Lowe's paint aisle! A registered nurse by trade, Ryan began pursuing his true passion on the side in the summer of 2017, he tells us “I wasn't dreaming big enough, I needed to let go of past conceptions and just go for it.” With that, he came to be the spectacular artist he is now. No two pieces of art are the same – his creations are mesmerizing and beautiful, yielding an amazing assortment of prismatic work which leaves the viewer taking a quick doubletake. Now that you know a little about his journey, let’s dive into his local favorites!o (1)

Foodie Favorite: John's Cafe

First up on the list we have John’s Cafe! Ryan has been dining here since he was just a few weeks old, and along the road of life, his kids now request to eat here whenever possible. “Their breakfast always hits the spot, but the roast beef sandwich and baked potato are the best in Dallas,” Ryan tells us. If you’re a foodie scouting out a new breakfast spot, this is your next stop! He also recommends getting there early, as seating is very limited.madi-museum

Artistic Addiction: Museum of Geometric and MADI Art 

As an artist, it’s always a good idea checking out and exploring museums on a day off. One of Ryan’s artistic addictions is the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art. It’s a place that has a lot to offer for any art lover in the Dallas area. The numerous pieces of Op art and explosion of colors appeal to Ryan’s style. FFM-Photoedits5d-62

   Bargain Hunter: Frisco Fresh Market 

Enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning out in a Farmers Market is always a must. The Frisco Fresh Market is a place that Ryan and his wife enjoy going out to in the early morning and looking through hundreds of vendors of crafts and food! “My wife is gluten-free, and they have tons of options, so it’s a plus!"cimg0084

  On The Move: DORBA trails

Along with enjoying mornings at the Farmers Markets, Ryan also enjoys being on the move and enjoys mountain biking. “I thought I had to give up mountain biking when I left Colorado, but I was wrong. The DORBA trail system offers a lot of challenges living in the flatness of North Texas.” Watch out and stay alert on these trails; “some areas offer really advanced terrain, not for the faint of heart,” Ryan tells us. download

I Heart Dallas: Stevens Park Golf Course 

Growing up in Dallas, Stevens Park Golf course is a special place to unwind. “The vistas of the Dallas skyline surrounded by nature are quite impressive; especially for a public course.” This is a hidden gem where you get to enjoy a good game of golf, along with a perfect view of the Big D. Image 1 courtesy of Ryan Ekmark. Image 2 courtesy of Yelp. Image 3 courtesy of Trip Advisor. Image 4 courtesy of Frisco Fresh Market. Image 5 courtesy of Having Fun in the Texas Sun. Image 6 courtesy of Golf Advisor.

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