Best In Dallas: Coffee Connoisseur Spencer Fox Shares His Fav Hotspots

Best in Dallas is thrilled to introduce our favorite local coffee connoisseur, Spencer Fox! After an impressive resume in the food and beverage industry, Spencer is now the Director of Coffee for Common Desk and the General Manager of their coffee shop brand, Fiction Coffee. Spencer shares with us his story along with his favorite hot spots in Dallas.

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Spencer was born and raised in Garland, TX and then moved to Dallas to attend SMU after high school. Spencer fell into the coffee industry after his junior year at SMU because he needed to get away from working the late hours of bar/restaurants all while having school early the next morning. He has worked in the food industry since he was 15, which is how he paid his entire way through college. Spencer's first coffee job was at Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas, and while he was there, he helped build out their first local specialty coffee roaster and craft beer program. It didn't take long for Spencer to quickly and wholeheartedly fall in love with how intricate and tasty this new wave of coffee was (and still is). Before he knew it, Spencer was diving head-first into every barista/coffee blog he could find in order to learn as much information as he could about the magic of coffee; that paired with the knowledge and input of his close friends in coffee helped Spencer quickly grow in his knowledge of all things coffee. From Opening Bell, he went on to be the GM of Weekend Coffee at the Joule Hotel in Downtown Dallas. Spencer managed the coffee program for Weekend, Americano, CBD, Mirador, Copper Bar and the Joule Hotel for almost 3 years. Working for The Joule he learned and experienced what true hospitality is. There were so many people around him that gave him so much influence on how to be a better manager and person all while empowering him to enhance his coffee skills. Then one day Common Desk gave Spencer a call to see if he had any interest in new projects and the new direction they were wanting to take the company. They presented him with a lot of growth, passion and new projects that he couldn't refuse. That was the beginning of his newest path and has not looked back once.

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Foodie Favorite: Mr.Max

Spencer is a frequent diner at Mr. Max's in Irving. It's a chill izakaya with an authentic and charming feel. There's sushi, tapas, and sake to enjoy.

"The set up is really cool with its Japanese-style seating. Plus, there’s a sushi bar and lots of sake selections. It’s authentic and affordable Japanese food, so you can’t beat that!"

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Cocktail Culture: Jettison

Spencer knows a thing or two about drinks. He appreciates the craft that goes into making the perfect drink which is why he enjoys Jettison, the craft cocktail bar off of Sylvan Ave. Their cocktails focus on sherry, mezcal, and coffee.

"Jettison, off Sylvan Avenue, serves up great cocktails in a relaxed environment. It’s a cozy spot to wind down after a long day."lee harveys 2

Heart Dallas: Lee Harvey's

Lee Harvey's is a true staple in Dallas's bar scene. It's a hip dive bar with bench yard seating, live music, and dog-friendly Sunday's. The 50-year-old bar is one of Spencer's favorite hidden gems.

"You’ve got to check out Lee Harvey's if you haven’t already. Enjoy cheap drinks, great good, firepits, live music, no frills… this place has a true heart for Dallas."

Artist Addiction: His wife, Brigid Fox

Brigid is an illustrator, painter, and wannabe storyboard artist, according to her Instagram.

"I have to do a selfish plug for my wife, Brigid Fox. Check out her work on Instagram here. She continues to amaze me and her fans with her new artwork. I’m one proud husband!"

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