Best In Dallas: Brittney Dumas Spreads The Love For Downtown Arlington

There’s something special brewing in Arlington--and it’s more than just craft beer. This weekend, arts, crafts, and craft brews will flow through the streets of downtown as thousands of visitors and local residents gather for the Downtown Arlington Brewing Arts Festival, which was made possible by this week's Best In Dallas, Brittney Dumas, the Director of PR/Marketing at FGIII Fine Art Productions. Stay tuned as Brittney tells us about her career and gives us the deets on her favorite scenes in Dallas & Arlington. Brittney DumasBrittney works alongside many bright individuals as they curate arts and culture programming for artists, non-profits, and businesses.  Together, her and Frankie Garcia III curated the inaugural Downtown Arlington Brewing Arts Festival, which will bring together art collectives from across the Metroplex this Friday and Saturday. Look out for the following vendors that will showcase their art this coming weekend: Elevate Dallas, Ash Studios, ArtLandish, Art Luck, Art Tooth, Black Sheep Art Culture, and Color Me Empowered. In the arts industry, the duo is materializing the dreams of creatives through exhibitions, representation, and business consulting. They also provide a vital link between local artists and companies wanting to invest in the landscape of which they are a part of. Brittney's vision as a Director with FGIII Fine Art Productions is to design an in-depth narrative for each artist and pair them with thriving businesses to flourish the Arts and Culture of Dallas.  You can check out some of her curated installments at Factory Six03 and the Omni Hotel Dallas. taco

Foodie Favorite: Mr.Bigotes Taqueria

Mr. Bigotes Taqueria is an authentic Mexican style Taqueria that has been open for twenty-seven years! They have all the classics: tacos, tortas, stews, quesadillas, burritos, and more.

"If I’m looking for a quick bite to eat from my favorite hole-in-the-wall spot, I’ll stop in Mr. Bigotes Taqueria. Everything there is “para llevar” which is perfect because it’s within walking distance of our offices on W. Clarendon. I recommend their tacos pastor paired with a chilled agua Fresca de melon (fresh watermelon juice). Ask for the extra green sauce because you will want more!"


Cocktail Culture: El Ranchito

El Ranchito is an authentic Mexican restaurant that specializes in Comida Norteno (food from the north) and Tex-Mex such as cabrito, mollejas, and asado de puerco. Their atmosphere is inspired by the culture of Monterrey, where everything is fresh, festive, and friendly.

"I like to unwind from my busy day out and about in Dallas in a cozy, low key spot. That’s why my go is a fresh margarita from El Ranchito on W. Jefferson.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting.  But what I love most are their serenading mariachis.  Their homemade tortillas make the perfect snack for an after-work cocktail hour."


Artistic Addiction: Stacie Hernandez

Brittney has an eye for art, which must be why she's attracted to the talented Stacie Hernandez, the local artist who is inspired by the Modern Art movements' abstract expressionism and her Mexican-American cultural childhood experience. Stacie mainly uses oils but can work with just about anything.

"Being in arts and culture, it is difficult to choose just one. I have been keeping my eye on a contemporary fine art artist named Stacie Hernandez for a while now. She recently moved from Florida to the Dallas art scene. Listening to her detail the stories behind her art is equally as entrancing as her art itself.  We have the pleasure of curating her Dallas solo exhibition, “Odyssey; a journey in blue” on October 11th."

You can catch the Downtown Arlington Brewing Arts Festival from Thursday, Sept. 13 through Saturday, Sept. 15 from 12 p.m. to midnight daily.

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