This Is Me: Home Cookin’ With Chef Jenna Kinard

DSC08361 A jack-of-all-trades, Jenna Kinard has dipped her toes into acting, modeling and now cooking. Kinard currently resides in Fort Worth—the city where she developed her love for crafting creative cuisines. Inspired by multiple art forms, Jenna has created a space that enables her to have fun in the kitchen while still living in a relaxed, peaceful environment. “I am a lover of quirky knick-knacks, abstract art and everything pastel and shiny,” she says of her home decor. “My inner child is still very alive and well!” But that doesn’t mean Kinard relies solely on the past for inspiration. In fact, she & her hubby are known to branch out in search of new items to add to their home. “Once every couple of months, he and I will go to a new place—whether it’s a new shop or a new city—and explore to find something new and unique to add to our collection,” she says. “I like a lot of bright happy colors in my home, and lucky for me, my husband digs it too!” DSC08427 And things certainly get colorful--and flavorful--in the kitchen. “I love having a big kitchen to create in,” Kinard says. “We spend a lot of time with our friends, and when we host parties at our place, I like to throw down on a spread that will please everybody!” She’s certainly hoping that the Savory Goat Cheese and Chive Scones she made exclusively for Pier 1 customers do the trick. “I love this recipe because it is incredibly easy to make, super delicious and is not something you’re likely to find packaged at the grocery store!” she says. “This recipe will also bring fun color and tastes to any tablescape put together at Pier 1.” Kinard notes that she never has a master plan when she approaches a new recipe or starts to craft something in the kitchen. Instead, it’s all about how she feels in that moment. DSC08309 “Usually when I’m grocery shopping, I have no idea what I’m going to make while entering the market. I let the produce speak to me, & put a meal together as I go depending on what fresh new items are in store & how I’m feeling that day.” But the grocery store is not the only place where she carries this mentality. “I do the same thing while shopping for interior decor,” she says. “I let the seasons speak to me, & enjoy letting a festive spirit take over and inspire me. Whether shopping for produce or accents for her home, Jenna tries to incorporate her personality into everything she creates. Her hope is that anyone who tries her recipes or sets foot in her home can learn more about her through the process. “My personality definitely shows in my food & the atmosphere that I create around it,” she says. “I will take my magic with me everywhere that I go, & do my best to share it with anyone who crosses my path.” Stay in touch with Jenna on Instagram & visit her website here. Join her as we roll out a new Pier 1 experience on April 21 in Fort Worth (433 Carroll St.) from 3 to 5 p.m. as she shares her home décor favs with us in person over a glass of rosé. Don't miss her tasty scones in person & stay tuned for a how-to video on Pinterest. In the meantime, see what's new online as Pier 1 gives DFW a sneak peek into their new look! Images courtesy of Jeremy Biggers for Pier 1. Originally posted on Sponsored post in collaboration with Pier 1.

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