Attorney Duo Turns Passion into Profit with ShuEsq

ShuEsq owners Ashley Ogbonna and Asya Mitchem

Tired of aimlessly walking through malls searching for the perfect shoe? Well look no further, I have the solution to your problem. With this online "shoetique", you’ll find the ultimate fashion piece you’ve been dying to get your hands on or in this case, get your feet into. ShuEsq was born out of the growing and a developing relationship with owners Ashley Ogbonna and Asya Mitchem. The two met during law school in Baton Rouge and returned to Dallas after graduation. Shortly after moving back, the aspiring attorneys began studying together for the Texas Bar Exam. During twelve-hour study sessions, the two would spend break times daydreaming about their shared love for shoes.

Both women successfully passed the Texas Bar Exam and wanted to pursue their second dream of becoming shoe boutique owners. After noticing the shoe retail industry lacked a platform that focused on new, upcoming and independent shoe designers, the two took a leap of faith in order to create the environment the industry was missing. ShuEsq provides a one-stop shop for shoe lovers around the world through their collaborations with indie designers. While their primary goal is to supply a wide range of diverse shoe styles, they also use their platform to promote #DreamMoreThanOneDream. The combination of both missions is what makes ShuEsq daring, exclusive and inspiring. The floral print ShuEsqForm were a fan favorite.   Shoes found at ShuEsq are like no other you’ve ever seen before. The owners spend countless hours attending trade shows, researching designers and hand picking custom shoe designs to add to their fabulous collection. During the decision-making process, the owners aim for what's unique and one of a kind, versus the “everyday” traditional style. “Dream More Than One Dream is not just a cute phrase we came up with randomly,” shoetique owner, Ashley said. “It is something we here at ShuEsq wholeheartedly believe in because it is our real life.” As attorneys by day, this dynamic duo strives to help women keep their heels high and their standards even higher by rejecting society's standards of only pursuing one goal. ShuEsq owners plan to open a flagship store in Desoto, Texas this summer. To stay updated on all new arrivals, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Images courtesy of The Shoe Bar.

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