Sister Tees Couture Greek Apparel Launches in Dallas

Sister Tees Couture Greek Apparel Launches in Dallas DFWSD The South is known for a few things including its love for football, sweet tea and the greek system. With Dallas as a central hub to all things south with a dash of city, it has made the perfect location for greek apparel company, Sisters Tees Couture to launch. Sisters Tees was created by three friends who have a mutual love for their sororities and wanted to share their love for fashion, friendship and sisterhood. Sister Tees Couture Greek Apparel Launches in Dallas DFWSD DFW Style Daily: Was there ever an ‘aha moment’ where you thought, this is what we have to do? And if so can you tell me about that moment? With a love for our college sorority years, we wanted to design a couture Greek line that embodied the love for our sorority, the bonds that we formed during and post college with an opportunity to give back. What is the message behind your brand? Sister Tees Couture was created to bring women, sisters, and friends designs that embody:
  • SISTERHOOD offering friendship, trust, and sharing dreams together
  • LEADERSHIP to empower women
  • COMMITMENT to provide quality apparel
  • GIVE Back a percentage to sororities’ foundations
  • BOND sorority sisters together
Since Sister Tees is a lot about sisterhood, giving back and growing together; can you tell me more about how your brand embodies these characteristics? Sisterhood: Sisterhood is not just the combination of Greek letters, it's about friendship, trust, and sharing dreams together. It doesn't lie in the depths of just recruitment, bid day, or game day but it's what lies deep within the depths of your hearts. Sister Tees Couture is here to give you an opportunity to grow together, learn together and become one. Leadership: Sisters Tees Couture wants every woman to be the best version of themselves through encouragement, leadership and giving back to others. Commitment: Sister Tees Couture is committed to providing high-end apparel for the everyday Greek life member; giving them a sense of pride, loyalty, desire, and love for their chosen sorority. Our Ever-Expanding Product Line will offer Gameday, Sister and Sorority apparel for all women to enjoy during and after college. Give Back: Sister Tees Couture will GIVE a percentage of all proceeds back to sororities’ foundations. In The Bond: Whether it's attending philanthropic events, social functions, or getting ready for gameday; We are always having a blast right alongside our sisters! Sister Tees Couture Greek Apparel Launches in Dallas Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? We definitely follow the current trends and work directly with the sororities on their needs, specific designs or what occasion they may need particular tees for. Also we focus on the couture aspect of a quality tee. Which Sisters Tees design is your favorite right now? With the cold weather, our Go Greek sweater and leggings are popular. Our Old English & Squad short sleeves and Stacked Greek and Stacked Sorority Letters tanks will be perfect for spring! Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about Sisters Tees Couture? Sister Tees Couture offers a quality sorority items at an affordable price. We also strive on giving back to all sorority foundations. With 12 sororities on the list and counting, Sisters Tees is sure to have the perfect tee for you and your sisterhood. Need a tee for gameday? You got it. Need a tee for class? You're covered. Need a tee just to represent your favorite people? Done. Check them out here.

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