Top 5 Online Resale Apps to Make Some Dough and Flip that Winter Wardrobe

GettyImages-582314572 This winter was all about faux-fur coats, wool trenches, and cashmere turtleneck sweaters. While still being cute in nature, these fashion staples can coast a pretty penny. If you’re trying to gain some of the coins back that you dropped this winter, try some of these tried and trusted resale apps that will save you the trip to Plato’s Closet. That’s right ladies, you can sell right from your home using your iPhone. Oh, thank Steve Jobs parents for modern technology!  


This resale app is perfect for the first-time reseller who needs to get rid of some gently used name-brand clothes. Listing your items is easy and finding buyers is even easier. With a  large user base you can be sure to get rid of your clothes fairly quickly. The platform also gives you all the tips and tricks you need to sell quickly. They provide you with the shipping slip for free but finding a box and time is all on you. The Poshmark App also takes about 5% of your sale, so that’s something to consider. Think of this platform like a classy online version of Plato’s closet. New updates to the app have allowed you to connect with other sellers who can help to create a type of online vision board for your dream closet. This app is also VERY fun to shop on. You can find super great deals on designer bags, shoes and clothes. They’re buyer protection policy is quick and super helpful plus they have an outrageously big community. Ever year they hold a “PoshFest” in which big sellers of the platform gather to share tips and tricks on how to make a living selling your old clothes. Cool!


Similar to Poshmark this mainly UK based resale app is centered more on eclectic/vintage finds. Selling is easier on here than Poshmark and they don’t take as much of your profit, however they do charge the buyer a lot more for shipping. On the buyer’s end: the prices are much cheaper but the things you find will typically be pretty unique and special. Depop is an international platform so not only can you browse through the most unique Goodwill in the world from the comfort of your home but you can peak into the vintage scene abroad. The app describes itself as a platform for the creative community to buy and sell their one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces. But, you can probably still find the occasional Urban Outfitters fanatic.


This app is not just for clothes but for everything in your home! Think of it like a garage sale -  cheap, local and convenient. OfferUp lets you sell to your local community without taking a percentage of your profit. Just snap a pic, upload, and wait. Here’s the downside: If you meet up with someone to exchange money for shoes or money for that old vase you don’t need, you also run the risk of accidently meeting an axe murder or some lady who is in desperate need of communication. OfferUp does nothing and will do nothing if something like this happens. What can we say, more money more problems.

Facebook Marketplace

Yes! Facebook has seen the trend of online resale rising and has smartly made an online retailer platform for your local Facebook community. It works the same way as OfferUp but you have the added benefit of letting all your Facebook friends know that you are trying to sell something, if you don’t do that already. Also, you will probably find that the Facebook seller and buyer community is not typically as savvy as the ones you will find on the platforms above. Not trying to throw shade, just saying that they are new to the game and have a lot to learn. But this is good news for the resale veteran, you can probably find better deals here and sell for quite a bit more than OfferUp or even Poshmark.


Twice is one of the lesser known, more indie platforms of online resale. This app is great for those of you who don’t want to think about what is good enough to sell and what is good enough to donate. All you have to do is request a free shipping bag from the app which they send to you in a week’s time. Then fill the bag up with all the clothes you don’t want or need and they take care of the rest. Wait a week and they’ll send you a check in the mail for all the items they found worthy enough to list for sale on the twice app. All the other clothes will be donated for you. So not only can you make some money off your gently used clothes, you can feel good about donating the ones that couldn’t be sold. Granted, you probably won’t make as much profit as some of the other resale apps mentioned. But, with the benefit of little thinking and effort on your part, Twice is perfect for gently throwing two very cute birds one very helpful stone.

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