District Climb Grand Opening in Uptown: We’re Talking Fitness Goals with Owner Tamra Michelle

A new and effective cardiovascular workout class has infiltrated Dallas and is making its way through the scene. District Climb, located on McKinney Avenue, proves to be the real deal for anyone looking for a fun way to burn massive calories quickly and build up their cardiovascular system. The workout includes the use of a VersaClimber, a full-body vertical training machine that is proven to burn calories at a more rapid speed than its competitors – the treadmills, elliptical, steppers and bikes. Owner of District Climb Tamra Michelle spoke with us on the grand opening of District Climb, how her classes can help resolve your fitness goals and introduce you to a healthier lifestyle. Check out the Q&A below, followed by grand opening weekend details!   District Climb owner Tamra Michelle pictured in the white top with her team   District Climb is said to be inspired by "training rituals of athletes and celebrities." Were there any specific fitness professionals, athletes or celebrities who were researched when developing this type of training? "We have watched many sports teams adopt the VersaClimber into their training facilities since it is a no-impact workout. We wanted to bring this concept to customers who want to save their joints from the continued stress other machines deliver. The VersaClimber has also proven to help maintain fitness levels during recovery time." What kind of demographics are you hoping to attract with this launch? "This workout is for everybody and every body. At District Climb we are hoping to attract workout enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels. The VersaClimber machine is zero impact, so it won’t cause stress to joints and the machine is self-regulating which allows the climber to go as hard or as easy as they desire." Is there a recommended amount of classes to take per week, or is it alright to jump into District Climber daily? And how many calories could be burned during an average "beta climb" workout? "You can take as many or as little classes as you would like since there isn’t stress on your joints! I use the VersaClimber every day, but realize that some people may not be able to come to a class every day of the week. To achieve optimal results, we recommend attending 3-5 classes a week. In our “Beta Climb” class, climbers can burn anywhere from 300 to 750 calories thanks to the VersaClimber. This machine equips users to burn up to four times the calories compared to other cardio machines." Since this type of cardiovascular training is innovative, is there any help or guidance for individuals with health complications? "The best thing about this workout is that the user truly has control over the machine. Listening to your body is key, and our trainers can help answer any questions our climbers may have about the range/pace they should take during our classes." District Climb client using the VersaClimber How many instructors are employed at District Climb and what is their experience like? "We have 10 instructors who have experience from all walks of life and most have taught in various fitness studios across the DFW metroplex. Each instructor has been training with us for several months learning everything there is to know about the machine and this unique workout. They are truly remarkable people and I am very honored to have them on my team." Is there a possibility for other kind of classes to be taught at District Climb sometime in the future? "Absolutely! We are always looking for ways to innovate and keep our workouts fresh, captivating and challenging for our climbers. Each workout will incorporate the VersaClimber and as DFW gets more familiar with the machine, we plan to add different level classes to the schedule we have programmed." What's your overall goal with offering these classes in the West Village location? What kind of reaction/response would you like to receive from clients? "Our goal is to give our clients the best full body workout available in a 30-minute class. Opening our studio in West Village provides us the opportunity to reach a variety of demographics, while being walking distance from great shops and restaurants...To have someone tell us that District Climb is their favorite studio in Dallas would be a dream come true." What would be your recommendation to a potential female client for an ideal outfit to wear while trying out the VersaClimber? "Come to us in your favorite workout clothes, but we do recommend our climbers wear clothes they can sweat in. We rack up some serious heat in class." It's still the beginning of the year and several people have put "better health habits" on their list of resolutions, how can District Climb help those individuals meet their resolution and keep it? "All it takes is 30 minutes to start making a change in your life. We can help you reach your fitness goals. Many of our trainers have transformed their bodies on the VersaClimber... Taking the time to work out can be a challenge for many people. At District Climb we offer 25-minute classes with a 5-minute stretch afterwards, taking a total of 30 minutes out of your day. We can’t wait to climb with you!"   District Climb's Grand Opening Weekend is taking place this weekend, Feb. 22 to 24, at 3636 McKinney Ave. Suite 130. Get your blood flowing and burn calories to the sounds of DJ Niro this Thursday evening during the grand opening party, with even more events and surprises to follow the rest of the weekend. To RSVP and find a schedule of events occurring this cardio-burning weekend, click here! You can also check out their website at districtclimb.com for general information, class times offered, and to learn what District Climb is truly all about. You won't fully know until you make the decision to let District Climb help you!

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