Designer Exclusive: SumSara to be Featured in London Fashion Week this Fall

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SumSara’s London Fashion Week Women’s Fall/Winter 2018

London Fashion Week Women’s 2018 features talented designers from across the world every year. Among the list for the Fall/Winter 2018 show is a designer sportswear line for contemporary modern women called SumSara. SumSara’s collection for the show will be a relaunch for the company which will introduce the designer line into an international audience. The collection is inspired by the Royal/British Colonial India and American simplicity.

 “I think London Fashion Week Women’s Fall/Winter 2018 is the perfect launching platform for SumSara since SumSara originates from the inspiration of Royal and British Colonial India,” said Sukhwinder Dhaliwal, the designer of SumSara. “It celebrates Royal Indian, British and French Heritage and most importantly global culture. And London is definitely a global center of creativity and innovation. London is known for its international audience and is a melting pot of creative industries.” 

Taking three years off after launching SumSara Oct. 1 2013, Dhaliwal used the time away to gain knowledge in the fashion industry to perfect the line. Dhaliwal already has a degree in Fashion Design, but desired to learn more and dive into market testing where she researched about the market she wanted to target, created an infrastructure and developed a creative life style direction for the SumSara collection.    
SumSara’s London Fashion Week Women’s Fall/Winter 2018 SumSara’s London Fashion Week Women’s Fall/Winter 2018

Meaning the ‘sum of everything,’ SumSara encompasses elements from royal history, heritage, art, design, and equestrian sports. SumSara creates a perfect synergy of old and new; past and present; tradition and modernity. 

Using ages old craftsmanship, innovative simplicity and cutting-edge technology of today, SumSara focuses on the details. Each design is handcrafted, with screen printed/digitally printed fabrics from around the world such as silk and cashmere. The designs feature royal inspired beading and pearl details throughout the collection.


“All these fashions reflect the times of a particular era they belong to; be it economic, political or any other events and are always inspiring,” Dhaliwal said. “Even if the fashion is always evolving, so much stays the same.”

When it comes to creating these timeless designs, Dhaliwal uses a woman as her muse. Each design captures the true essence of a woman while keeping in mind the individual and occasion. Through her ambition, individuality, her world and her desire for self-expression, it is designed with elements of the female figure and vibrant colors from the seasons. However, Dhaliwal loves designs from the 20’s/40’s, 50’s hourglasses, 30’s fluid day dresses and cut backless gowns.   

 “My creative process is hugely inspired by purpose, comfort and beauty,” Dhaliwal said. “It goes through many stages of creating, refining, and more refining of every single element of a garment. It starts with a nostalgic memory, experience, people, art, design, life, places, architecture and images of the past, present and future—and how it possibly relates to what I need to solve”

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