RUTI Expands To The Big D With Spring 2018 Collection

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Amongst fashion trends peaking in the past year, technology has created a movement towards innovative distribution and designs. A new luxury boutique residing at NorthPark Center in Dallas, RUTI, incorporates just that to shape the relationship between women and their closets. Ruti has three simple rules that rollover into Spring fashion for design: It must be cool, flattering, and practical. Combining innovative clothing design, the personal touch of a stylist, and advanced technology, Ruti offers a new consumer experience to the Big D’s market.

“It’s accessible luxury,” RUTI owner Ruti Zisser said. “It needs to feel attainable. Not like a museum experience, yet it can never feel like a mass distributor either.”


Founded in 2009, the brand strives to make visitors “Fall in love with Ruti” by creating a sense of love at first sight with each of its boutiques. It connects with potential consumers in a unique and personalized fashion by providing attention to detail and a carefully crafted ambiance. Each new store is like a sister to the other stores, but not a twin. Although some values transfer from one store to the next, they all stand out on its own.

“Ruti stores are a singular experience,” Zisser said. “We adopt the design of each store to where it is situated. Many people asked me why I chose Dallas to be the first store location outside of California.”

Dallas marked the first step in Ruti’s national expansion last month. It was chosen based on the market and the consumer values of family, friends, and hospitality. Although many questioned why the brand didn’t open a store in New York first, Zisser was sure of her decision. After visiting a few times, she gradually fell in love with the metroplex. NorthPark especially represented the core values of the brand with its diversity and bold structure.

Owner Ruti Zisser is an Israeli-American lifestyle and fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, and businesswoman, which gives insight into the ideal Ruti woman. She is in her 30s and dresses distinctly cool with minimal effort and maximum comfort. She also enjoys traveling regularly for both business and pleasure. On the weekends, she goes out for brunch, takes in the latest local art exhibits, shops for antiques, and works on a side hustle.

DFW Style Daily is going a bit deeper with the exclusive on Zisser’s favorite spring trends that you can find in-store. With the sophisticated use of innovative fabrics, an updated palette of colors, and primarily clean cut lines, these new looks may be based on the past, but they are completely fresh:


Wide Pants

Wide-legged pants started gaining popularity in Winter, and have evolved into a fun incarnation for Spring. They’re arguably one of the most important trends this season, and Zisser loves them. Her wide-legged pants are also a tribute to David Bowie, who originally helped popularize the style.



Do you remember the first time you wore a boyfriend’s shirt? Or a pair of his jeans? Menswear is actually the perfect inspiration when designing for the feminine body, and the result is delightful. Make no mistake, these can be some of the sexiest items in your wardrobe.



One common feature in all uniforms is the attention to detail in their designs (think back to the revolutionary jackets The Beatles wore for the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album). These details, when blended with high fashion and innovative materials, create unique pieces for the newest generation of uniform-inspired style.



Simply put: we love jeans. Comfortable and fun, denim is cool and youthful. This season, Zisser has taken denim to a whole new level to create something new that celebrates the timeless fabric.



When modern fashion goes retro, you can almost guarantee lace will be on trend. It has been at the height of fashion ever since it was invented, and was historically often considered rare and valuable. Today, it’s just as chic as ever and technology has made it possible to create amazing new kinds of lace.

“Like with clothing, I don’t always follow the trends – I go with what my gut tells me is right,” Zisser said.  “So here I am, and the rest is history.”

Images courtesy of RUTI.

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