New Year New You: Your Complete Guide to Dallas Healthy Eats

  Let’s be honest, in the South it can be more than a little hard to find something sans red meat and barbeque. So how do you complete your New Year’s resolution of losing those couple extra pounds without getting bored? Read on for our favorite food spots to help keep you on track. New Year New You: Your Complete Dallas Healthy Eats Guide

Flower Child

This cute little Dallas restaurant located on Lovers Lane is veggie utopia. Gluten free? They got you. Vegan? They more than got you. Can’t give up that chicken but are determined to eat healthy? They got you there too. Try out their Vegan Red Chili Glazed Sweet Potato (just writing that makes my mouth water), or turn up to a gluten free mac and cheese. Reasonable prices and great eats; guaranteed instant happiness. cosmic cafe

Cosmic Café

Cosmic Café is conveniently located in Oak Lawn and is great if you’re looking to bring out your inner yogi. Not only do they offer delicious and veggie based Indian and Mediterranean food but they offer yoga classes too. Oh, and did someone say wine? Cosmic Café is a great place to get the girls together for a yoga class and get a healthy bite to eat afterwards without all the unnecessary logistics. New Year New You: Your Complete Dallas Healthy Eats Guide 

Green House Market

Get super healthy with Green House Market. Switch that cheeseburger out for a black-bean quinoa burger and the ice cream for some chocolate chia seed pudding. Not only can you find great alternatives for those binge tendencies but the simple and clean setup is sure to clear your mind of all that extra noise. May the healthy foods be with you. New Year New You: Your Complete Dallas Healthy Eats Guide 

Snap Kitchen

Ok, ok, so these restaurants are great and all but what about around the clock. If you need a quick but nutritious meal to fit into your busy and hectic life, look no further than SNAP Kitchen.  With their abundant amount of locations all around the DFW area its convenient and easy to just run in and grab a pre-planned meal that is guaranteed to be full of everything good and healthy. Whether you are vegan, paleo, vegetarian - you name it, they have dishes prepared for every meal so no thinking and no stress.   New Year New You: Your Complete Dallas Healthy Eats Guide


Another great place for a quick fix is Start. They are unique due to their healthy food drive-thru. If you need some vegetarian options try the hummus, veggie, feta wrap. Options for kids are also available like their eggs and bacon with a fruit cup. So, if you need something quick and healthy for the kids on the way to school, here’s your answer. You can thank me later.      

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