Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer London Burton of Haute Société

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London Burton, the designer behind fashion line Haute Société,  is here to make a statement in the Dallas fashion world. One that shows women can turn heads in the office and still maintain that classy style.

Haute Société, a Dallas-based contemporary womenswear brand recently launched a 7-piece collection of specialty jumpsuits and suiting for women as part of their 2018 collection. The brand, which is French for “high class,” intends to provide a wardrobe filled with sophistication and comfort while catering to both slim and curvy body types. For the brand that reinforces the belief that women can be both sexy and classy, we interviewed the career woman behind it all.

DFW Style Daily: Where does the French inspiration from your brand name and fashion collection come from?

London Burton: “France has always had a fascinating appeal to me; I adore the language and It’s also home to some of the most stylish women and brands in the world. So when I was thinking about naming my brand and the collection, I wanted something that was immediately recognizable as high class.”

What statement are you trying to make with your “Anti-Dress” designs?

“I personally don’t want to always wear a dress but I do want to still look sensual and feminine. The option I want to offer is to combine sensuality with comfort which means to look elegant and classy without having to wear a dress.  My collections offer women an alternative. Wearing Haute Société means she will still feel gorgeously dressed and feminine without sacrificing comfort.”

We love a good jumpsuit, which we know your line promises to deliver exclusively.  Can you tell us what kind of details we should look for when choosing our London Burton one-piece power-suit?
“Thank you – I love a fabulously cut jumpsuit too. All of our power-suits in this collection are fully lined with our stunning, custom, hand-drawn marble print. Our customers look forward to premium quality materials, impeccable tailoring and incredible attention to even the tiniest detail.”

What inspired your minimalistic “Less-Is-More” mantra?

“It refers to life as well as fashion. I have always appreciated the beauty of simplicity. I appreciate less complicated designs and less revealing clothing – to me these elements make women look sensational without looking overpowering.  Clothes should never outshine a woman’s good looks; rather they should enhance and complement them.”

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Is there anything new coming up that you would like to share with our readers?

“Yes!  I’m very excited to share that Haute Société will be introducing suiting to the collection by the end of the year.  There’s also going to be a magnificent, limited edition clutch bag.  The best way to find out about what we have in store is to follow Haute Société on social media and of course, to sign-up for exclusive access and more at www.wearhs.com.”

Images courtesy of Haute Société.

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