Oak Cliff Natives Julian Palafox and Evan Palmer Launch Kessler Shaving Co. & Share Their Best Advice on Shaving & Skin Care

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When it comes to shaving, many people take their skin care for granted. The founders of Kessler Shaving Co. want to change that.


The company, founded by Evan Palmer and Julian Palafox, launched its first round of men’s skincare on Saturday, December 16. The initial collection features a pre-shave oil, a clear shave gel and a post-shave balm. Each item is formulated to promote healing, moisturizing and good skin health.


“I’ve been a licensed barber for 10 years, so I’ve had a chance to work with a lot of shaving lines out there,” Palafox explained. “A lot of times the products that are available make claims of smooth, comfortable shaves, but a lot of guys were still suffering from razor burn and bumps.”


The duo wanted to create a luxurious brand that was also affordable and gave guys the shave they were missing. Ingredients were top priority for Kessler, with active elements such as micro-silver and essential oils to promote a great shave. As for scent, the line gives us major Texas vibes with notes of cedar, vanilla and other natural scents.


“People think that just because you’re not clean-shaven means doing nothing,” Palmer said. “Just like you wash and brush your hair, take a moment to do the same for your beard.”


Kessler Shaving Co launched their paraben-free, natural products and the 3-piece kit with the hopes of making shaving more accessible.

“People shave less now,” Palafox said. “The most annoying thing is guys not knowing how to take care of [their facial hair] and being afraid to spend money on themselves. You’re worth more than a dollar.”


Palafox and Palmer want to do more than sell products with the Kessler brand, they want to set a new standard for shaving by informing and creating high quality systems. You can find all their items online here.

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