The Ultimate Guide to No Shave November with Renata Salon

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With No Shave November bringing awareness to men’s health and prostate cancer, the men of Renata Salons in Grapevine wanted to provide a few tips for maintaining and growing facial hair. The salon’s second floor barbershop is a speaker free zone where “men can be men,” with men stylists and barbers. The space is filled with vintage Koken Barber chairs that are over 100 years old with whiskey barrel shampoo bowls and vintage vinyl records covering the ceiling. The barber shop with personality serves craft beer and different kind of Whiskeys.


A couple of tips from the stylists at Renata Salon include:

  1. Don’t over cleanse and make sure you have a comb when growing out a beard. Your skin can get dry when growing your beard and over cleansing can cause it to be dry and itchy. Shampoo (or just condition) your beard every other day at most. This will help allow your natural oils to soften and hydrate your skin and beard.  The comb is a vital tool to keep it tidy and also to help when your face gets itchy.
  2. Use beard oil to help keep your beard moisturized. Beard oil is a conditioner that helps keep your face and beard hydrated, shiny, and soft.  It’s best to apply beard oil right after a shower when your beard is still hot from the water.sanmay-7812-768x512
  3. You can tame and style by using a wax, butter, or Balm. Waxes help tame your beard and keep those wild hairs controlled. Beard wax helps you sculpt and shape your beard. Beard Balm is a cross between a beard oil and beard wax.  It helps soothe and soften while giving you some control to sculpt and shape your beard. Beard Butter is a favorite amongst many bearded pros.  You will typically find both oils and shay butter in a good beard butter. Butter has a light creamy texture but gives you incredibly deep nourishment and moisture.
  4. Keep your beard trimmed and tidy.  You can groom your beard by keeping it clean on the neck and cheeks (shave below Adam’s apple for your neck and on your cheek bones). Also, make sure you get your beard trimmed and cleaned up by the beard pros at the 2nd Floor Barbershop. You will like your beard most when it works with your look and lifestyle.
  5. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.  We all know there comes a time when growing a beard you want to give up and shave it….DON’T DO IT!!! Give your beard a chance to fill out and thicken up.  Growing a beard is not for the weary. Keep your head up and LET IT GROW!


7. Beard tip from Santa- the most famous beard of all “Take vitamin E, Biotin, and a multi-vitamin every day! It helps thicken your beard and promotes beard growth.” Gentleman’s beard- Jeff, beard competitor, “Be patient with your beard; you either can grow one or you can’t. There is no quick overnight remedy to an award- winning beard. Patience and well grooming habits are key, along with hydration.” Rugged beard- Jason, “I use an oil every day on my beard to keep it nourished and tangle free. I start underneath my beard on my chin and cheeks and rub it into my beard and pull it out to the ends. This is an important part of beard growth and health. Pair that with patience and an amazing beard groomer such as Renata salons and you will have a great looking beard in no time!” Stetson Beard – Will, “Don’t use regular shampoo on it. It will dry it out. Use a beard wash.” Organic beard- Spencer, “Always keep a beard comb handy.  Grow it, own it, love it!”


Goodluck growing your beards and mustaches this year gentlemen. Be sure to visit the Renata Salon man cave in Grapevine for extra care, tips and grooming.

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