Why We Were Obsessed with the Glossier Pop-Up in Dallas plus Cyber Monday Online Discount

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The Glossier Pop Up shop in Dallas was the event of the week with all it-girls making time to visit the chic little store decked in millennial pink and mirrored walls for the perfect selfies. The energy was high and the girls were welcoming in their pink jumpsuits and fresh faces.

The pop-up shop was RSVP’d out everyday, bringing a huge commotion to the Knox-Henderson square. The Glossier girls and store brought an overall genuine vibe with big hugs and smiles the second we walked in the door. Everything was perfectly displayed, tempting and ready to play with: bringing us back to our mothers vanity days when we were young and wearing makeup was a mere barbie dream. This time around we were able to try everything and best believe we did. From the ultra rich face mask to the lip generation balm, everything was pure magic and we wanted to leave the store with all of it.

We even had the chance to smell the new fragrance, Glossier You and it’s everything we thought it would be and more. The warm notes are homey and full-bodied giving you the subtle yet powerful scent that can be worn from running errands to running the office. Let’s be honest, we weren’t surprised we loved it. We haven’t seen Glossier miss a hit yet and we can’t wait to see what’s next. We’re keeping our eyes on the London pop-up and hoping for more fun products to come.

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Last week, Glossier introduced the Cloud Paint Quad, a new bundle of their bestselling gel-cream blush with all four shades: Puff, Beam, Dusk and Haze. If you follow Glossier on social media you may have seen them get creative, mixing multiple different colors beyond the four options giving you the most unique blush for your skin-tone and preference. Suffice to say, we dig it.

Today is the last day for beauty babes to buy all their Glossier needs for 20% off, plus free shipping- jump on it you guys!

“These bundles and our Black Friday offerings could be a great way to for locals who didn’t get to visit the pop up to try the brand,” Glossier said.

We are hopeful to see Glossier back in Dallas in the future but for now we will settle for the discount and free shipping online- thanks Glossier!

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