An Exclusive Look At This Year’s DIFFA Wreaths

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Are you wishing it was sweater weather? Do you slip a cozy knit every time it hits 60 degrees or below? Us too. Celebrate the holiday season early and get merry this Thursday, Nov. 16 at the 22nd annual Holiday Wreath Collection by DIFFA/Dallas. For one night only, festive creations from local and international designers will be available for auction at the big annual event. 

Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA/Dallas) is dedicated to supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS “by drawing on the contributions of world-renowned creative and corporate leaders representing all branches of the design related industries.” The Dallas chapter, formed in 1984, is the only organization in Texas that provides funding to local HIV/AIDS Service Organizations within our community.


We have the scoop on Dan and Joseph’s one-of-a-kind wreaths, local experts in luxury goods, exclusive for our readers before Thursday’s “Vintage White” themed event! Read on to learn what’s in store for Dallas-based shop owners Joseph Steffen and Dan Rodriguez.   

DFW Style Daily: Tell our readers something special about your brand and how it came about.

“Our point of view makes us special. Everything we do is ‘in-house’ & that is how our brand came about. We sell what we make and we’re always looking for what to make next.”

Will your wreath fit the luxurious leather theme of your other products?

“Leather is our brand’s DNA. We always incorporate us in everything we do.”

What were your first thoughts when you heard this year’s DIFFA theme: vintage white?



What is inspiring your wreath this year?

“Lights! LED, of course. We were recently commissioned to make some lively top hats, which were a hit. They definitely influenced our thinking.”

How does the wreath represent the Dallas area?

“The Green LEDs are reminiscent of the original green color of Downtown’s Bank of America building.”

Why are you excited to participate this year?

“Each DIFFA event gives us an opportunity to express ourselves with no limits!”

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What elements of the Dan and Joseph brand will be present in your wreath this year?

“Bright, shiny, & unexpected.”

Give our readers a hint about your wreath’s color palette and materials.

“Green, white, & shine. It’s something you will want to see in person and hopefully, it puts a smile on your face like it does ours.”

Join us for the pre-holiday soiree t at Fashion Industry Gallery (f.i.g.) from 7 to 10 p.m. For tickets and more information, visit

Image 1 courtesy of Bentley Blonde. All other images courtesy of Dan and Joseph.

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