Cycle Hair Don’t Care: New Spin Mecca Opens In Uptown

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CycleBar has answered all of your spin dreams and has come to Uptown offering free rides through Nov. 19 and cute fitness clothes to boot. We have the scoop on the new fitness mecca, open this week!

At the location that calls their instructors Cycle Stars, there are plenty amenities that provide the everyday working professional the opportunity to break a sweat with ease. This location makes it easy to get a quick workout in for the day and get showered off and ready before returning whether it be in the morning, afternoon or night. The bathrooms include two showers, hair dryers, straighteners q-tips and any other essentials needed to prepare for the workday. There are plenty lockers in both the bathrooms and the common area large enough to keep your bags and some of them even include a USB port to charge your phone while cycling.

CycleBar Grand Opening in Uptown Dallas DFWSD

The Uptown location even provides your very own shoes for cycling each time you ride. When signing up for the class, you provide the shoe size needed and they have them ready and waiting when you walk in the door.

The location is perfect for convenience sitting on the corner across from Ruth’s Chris and behind Starbucks, “young urban professionals can walk to the studio from work,” franchise co-owner Grant Hendren said.

Some of the classes have themes like Wine-Down Wednesday where they will have a happy hour after their ride and drink wine, Battle of the Exes where they will play Selena vs. Justin for example or they will even have Cycle Star battles featuring two Cycle Stars cycling against one another.  

It’s a space for the community to come together, people who want to do cardio don’t want to do it alone,” Cycle Star Kathryn Harris said. “We always joke as instructors that you literally do this because you don’t want to do it alone and you’re not.”

What makes CycleBar Uptown different from other spin locations is that it offers three types of class types: Performance-based, beat-based and then a hybrid of the two. Whereas most spin bars only offer one variation of these classes.

The cycle room has stadium seating so everyone can see the instructor and vice versa. When the room lights go off and the music goes on it feels like you’re in a mini club.

“I always joke that people choose spin because it’s cheaper than therapy. It’s completely dark and the music here is to move you; to physically move you,” Harris said. 

The energy in this location is positive, welcoming and energetic with the encouraging affirmations that this is more than just a place to workout but a place to find community, connection and friendship.

“I’ve been instructing for over 3 years; I’ve seen a lot of people evolve in their own spiritual or emotional journey, not just physical,” Harris said. 

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CycleBar Uptown has a shopping corner full of goodies where you can buy a cute tee or hat. The location plans of adding more unique pieces once they’ve been opened for a while. All the colors are on par with the branding, all black, red and white with either encouraging words or pun-worthy slogans. A few of our favorite shirts include,”This is my Happy Hour,” “Meet Me at the Bar” and “Cycle Hair Don’t Care.”


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Monday marked the first day the location has been open and ready to ride. They have made it ultimately easy for Dallas professionals to find the time to workout and return to work. They have provided more than just convenience but also a place to find community and connection. Get started with Uptown CycleBar here.

Images courtesy of CycleBar.

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