TRENDING NOW: Your Fav Korean Beauty Masks in One Box

What’s better than a monthly subscription box of goodies? A Korean beauty monthly subscription box of face masks. It’s no surprise the “Korean Wave” has taken the beauty industry by storm from makeup to body care that leaves skin looking radiant. Ko Skin Box is the new trend in skincare that focuses on quality masks that contain unique ingredients. Inspired by the hydrating, supple, and glowing skin goals of Korean skincare, the brand strives to provide tailored masks for all skin types. So, listen up beauty gurus! This may be your ticket to flawless skin. 2 Founder Tida Pin started Ko Skin Box around the idea of treating skin with one-time products, such as sheet masks on top of everyday skin care regimens to help improve skin overtime. Surprisingly, she found out about face masks a little over ten years ago, but the results had a life-changing effect. She started out with cheap face masks that evolved into high-end masks that helped her skin drastically. Now, the girl boss is striving to bring the same experience to consumers worldwide. “I always stick to the motto ‘Invest in your skin,’” Pin said. “Some people tend to neglect taking care of their skin, but I believe that investing in your skin early on helps against aging skin in the future and boosts your confidence.” Each box contains a mix of best sheet masks currently on the market while incorporating up and coming indie brands. If one thing’s for sure, the subscription box will not let your skin down. Luckily, we’ve got the inside scoop on everything you need to know. Read on for more about the Korean beauty industry, different subscription boxes, and the future of Ko Skin Box. 3 DFW Style Daily: What makes your sheet masks different from other masks on the market? “We carefully curate our boxes by testing out each mask that go into the boxes before offering them to our customers to make sure that it's something that we love. We also make sure to provide masks that go well with a variety of skin types and needs so, you can expect our boxes to come with masks that suits most people's skin types.” The Korean beauty industry has been booming this year, why do you think this is so? "I think that we all aim to have great skin. Ever since the "Korean Wave" started it's hard not to notice that most Korean women have flawless looking skin. The skincare industry in Korea also teaches the importance of prevention whereas, we here in America mainly focuses on treating. Korean skincare products are also always innovating, which makes people want to experience and try out different products." How does one order the idea face sheet for their skin? "You have to know your skin and work with it. Focus on what kind of skin type you have and what you want to achieve when it comes to results. Our boxes include masks for most skin concerns and for all different skin types.  However, there are some masks that are exclusive to our subscribers only and cannot be purchased individually." 1 What are the different subscription box options? "Fresh Glow Box - $15 plus free shipping - Comes with four masks. Great for newbies or people wanting more basic masks that focuses on hydrating and brightening the skin. Ko Glow Combo Box - $25 plus free shipping - Comes with five masks (includes one multi-step mask and higher-end masks). A great box for people who want a combination of masks that offer different benefits such as hydration, brightening, anti-aging, and soothing properties. Luminous Luxe Box - $40 plus free shipping - Comes with eight masks (includes two multi-step masks and higher-end masks). A great box for people who are sheet mask junkies. The perfect box for people who are extra serious about taking care of their skin." What future plans do you have in-store for Ko Skin Box? "I plan to work with more brands who have the same outlook as I do when it comes to skincare and hope that someday Ko Skin Box can grow to offer more than just sheet masks. I'd love to be able to incorporate other Korean skincare items in our boxes as well." Images courtesy of Pinterest & Ko Skin Box.