Vintage Tex Hosts Styling Party For All Of Your Halloween Needs

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This year for Halloween think upscale vintage with Vintage Tex. Tomorrow Friday, Oct. 13, Vintage Tex is hosting a Halloween styling party for all your creative costume needs. Hosted at their historic location on Main Street the event will take place from 7 to 9 pm and stylists will help you find your own personal Halloween costume.

Vintage Tex came up with a few ideas for you this Halloween to give an idea of the fun ideas you can create this October.



What a doll, they will say about you all night in this costume. To accomplish the doll outfit all you need is a short dress, tights, Mary Janes, and gloves. “Put your hair in pigtails, add a bow, and you’re good to go,” Jen Cooper, Vintage Tex Stylist said. “Don’t forget to have some fun with doll-like make up.”


Channel your inner Wizard of Oz this Halloween with the Scarecrow costume. Pair a country dress with boots and add some straw for this no-brainer costume. “Stick a straw in your braids, up your sleeves, and out of your boots to complete the look,” Cooper said.


Still living in the 70’s? Or wish you were? Opt for the hippie costume and throw the peace sign all night. Vintage Tex has tons of men’s shirts from the ’60s and ’70s for an instant hippie vibe. “Complete the look with a messy wig, bandana, sunglasses, and sandals,” Cooper said. 


IT might have ruined it for you this year for the clown look so glam it up with the glamour clown. “We used a 1970s dress with rhinestones for our clown,” Cooper said. “We loved the unexpected pop of pink!” One of the Vintage Tex team members made this fun yarn wig to create this sweet clown look. “We had fun with her makeup by adding silver leaf, purples, pinks, and lots of glitter,” Cooper said.   


Maybe you want to skip all the holidays and go straight to Christmas. If that’s the case then the Nutcracker is the costume for you. “For a fierce and unexpected Halloween costume, pair a velvet mini with over-the-knee tights and boots,” Cooper said. The Vintage Tex team made this hat out of cardboard and felt. “Pin your curls to the side so your contoured stage makeup can play centerstage.” 

This Halloween, make your costume fun and unique with Vintage Tex upscale vintage finds and don’t miss the opportunity to be styled tomorrow at their event from 7 to 9 p.m.!

Photos courtesy of Kym Skiles/ f8studios, Hair/Makeup: Renata Salon.

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