Fashion X Dallas Noir Recap

3M9A9110 Dallas fashion lovers united last weekend for the annual runway show put on by Fashion X  as it celebrated its fourth year in Dallas this year with Fashion X Dallas Noir. The event took place at Sixty Five Hundred ready to host up to 1,000 guests at one time.   Matt Swinney, the founder and CEO of Fashion X came out to the runway to speak about his desire for a change in the set-up of the event for more of a social environment than in the past. The Runway included one row of seating and the rest standing which set up for the ultimate interactive mix and mingle space. Although the venue had loft feels engulfed with wide-open space, the event somehow still felt intimate while filled with different booths to take photos, shop and grab a drink.   3M9A8550 The runway was filled with a range of colors and patterns from sleek color blocked neutrals to pops of red mixed with light-washed denim. All the while guests were watching in their chic all-black outfit of choice as donned by the organizers of Fashion X Dallas Noir. 3M9A6253 The show starred Dallas designers such as Vanessa Posner of VENDALS and Lela Orr of FERRAH alongside project runway alumni designers Amanda Valentine and Korto Momolu. 3M9A9177_preview To seal the deal, proceeds from Fashion X Dallas will benefit Every Girl Deserves Foundation and Fashion Group International of Dallas.  

Photos courtesy of Thomas Garza