Best Friends Holly Peyton And Hannah Francis Launch Drifters Vintage

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Autumn is the ideal time to fill the voids in our wardrobe left by your cutoffs with vintage goodies. Cue: Drifter’s Vintage. The Curated vintage shop was created by best friends, Holly Peyton (LEV is the name of her electro-pop alter ego) and Hannah Francis who share a love for a wardrobe reminiscent of yesteryear. Read on for our exclusive interview!

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Each founder has had a fixation on vintage pieces for as long as they can remember. Holly’s began with a gold satin sequin drill team uniform from the 70’s her mom bought for her at a thrift store when she was seven years old, which she wore until she no longer fit into. Hannah’s was a vintage cowboy hat she got in Round Top which is featured throughout the site.

“For us, vintage has always been a part of our lives. We’ve been riding on the nostalgia highway since we could dress ourselves (literally). And so, it was a no-brainer when we both came up with the idea to spread the love with our lifelong love affair with vintage clothes. The butterflies that come with a jackpot find need to be shared,” their website reads.

Necessity is the mother of invention as the saying goes and Drifters was born from the lack of clothes being recycled for higher fashion. “It’s easy for the everyday person to go and buy a vintage tee or cut off jeans,” said Holly.

“We really wanted to go out and find these pieces from the era that the runway is being influenced by and create collections that can be worn with the modern wardrobe out in a daily lifestyle,” said Hannah.

Each item taken in by the Drifter’s founders must meet three qualifications: Practicality, Integrity, Relativity. The clothes and accessories are restocked quarterly as the seasons change, with key pieces dropping on the site as they come across them. Currently, their website features vintage Americana pieces like a 1970’s denim romper to a 90’s Aqua button-up tie top.

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“We buy clothes that are cohesive with our brand, but make us feel confident. The message we want to give is that it’s ok to be different with your wardrobe.” Peyton said. “We know when our style starts to evolve it can get tricky and uncomfortable, so it’s important to make sure the pieces you purchase fit your personality. We believe this is the key to being comfortable and confident in your vintage finds.”

For those new to the world of vintage fashion Peyton has this advice to offer:

“Make sure the piece you want to wear fits your personality so you’ll feel confident in it. Confidence is the key to feeling comfortable in something that’s unique.”

Images courtesy of Drifters Vintage.

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