The Anti-Aging Ingredient You Should Know About: Marine Collagen

When it comes to skincare, collagen is the basically the holy grail and a new formula hitting the markets is already making waves in the beauty industry. Marine collagen is the new 'it' factor for your skin. This upcoming product contains vital proteins to keep skin at its optimal health and glow. The two may seem similar by design, but we dove a little deeper under the surface to show you the difference.


Let's start with regular collagen, it's become a popular supplement for years due to its long-lasting benefits on hair, skin and nails, alongside its sister product, Biotin. Collagen is a protein that helps aid in the anti-ageing process by plumping the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines, and vanishing wrinkles.

On the other hand, marine collagen is a protein extracted from the skin and scales of freshwater fish like salmon and cod. Collagen is mainly made up of amino acids, whereas marine collagen specifically has a higher concentration of one particular amino acid: Hydroxiproline. This chemical helps the body create collagen while preventing loss overtime. It also thickens the skin, making it more elastic, refines texture and encourages new cell-formation.


The most common form of collagen can be found in powders like Vital Proteins' Wild Caught Marine Collagen. Over the long run, consuming such powders will aid the inner beauty as much as the outer. This powder protein blend can easily be mixed into your morning coffee, smoothies or any beverage of choice. It even helps as a pre-workout supplement to boost your energy.

Although marine collagen is most popular in powder and pill form, it’s now making an appearance in face oils and snack bars.


Created by one of the UK's top luxury skincare brand, Elemis, Pro-Collagen Marine Oil contains a ground-breaking formula blending science with nature. The oil is special in that it specifically uses three types of seaweed to deliver maximum hydration for the skin. Keeping skin hydrated not only helps the skin look healthier by appearing plump and vibrant, but also helps the skin become less prone to obtaining additional wrinkles. It's almost like having the fountain of youth right at your fingertips.


Kalumi has a different and tasty approach to keeping skin healthy. By consuming marine collagen, obtaining a healthy glow starts from within. Kalumi has three different Beauty Food Collagen Protein Bar flavors, including Lemon Love, Sweetie Pie, and Cocoa Kiss, all of which contain a full serving (12 grams) of marine collagen. It's no wonder why this beneficial snack has taken beauty gurus by storm. 

The proof is in the protein; marine collagen is sure to be the hottest ingredient on the market. Up your glow game and maintain healthy skin with this new addition to your skincare routine. Trust us, you won't regret it!

Images courtesy of Vital Proteins, Elemis & Kalumi.