Dominating Dallas With Her Modeling and Fashion While Saving Our Furry Friends

Welcome to Face Time. DFW Style Daily’s exclusive series goes beyond the runways to get to know top models on a personal level. Through the years, dozens of fascinating men and women have captured the attention of thousands. They’ve also proved, beyond a doubt, that Texas-based models are among the most talented and accomplished in the country. At only 24-years-old Hayley Rudolph was awarded the Texas Top Model of 2015. Since then she’s been a modeling coach at various camps and fashion shows. Rudolph created her own clothing line “HAYRUD” in July 2016. The line made its first appearance at Dallas Fashion Week under the name “The Lucid Fashion Show.” Rudolph has written and directed short films and has a new project in the works. Lastly, Rudolph is a strong animal activist who owns chickens, a pig and a pug.

 Image Courtesy of Dametreus Ward

Name: Hayley Rudolph Hometown: Huntington Beach, California Agency: Freelance Notable Clients: Jord Watches,, Sorella Boutique, Justice, Macy’s DFW Style Daily: How and when did you start your career with modeling? Hayley Rudolph: “It was kind of a thing I fell onto while I was doing acting. I don’t know the exact date, I was really young. I think I was two or three and it was kind of a side job for awhile there with acting. I realized I enjoyed it more and switched from the kid industry to the teen industry to adult industry. So pretty much all my life.” DFW Style Daily: What do you enjoy most about modeling? Hayley Rudolph: “I like that’s it’s a way to express myself through different versions whether it’s  a high fashion shoot or a lifestyle shoot. I am able to be a different person every time and I think it’s a cool way to show that I am able to be fairly versatile and be able to show my artistic ways in doing things through someone else’s vision.”

Image Courtesy of Greg Daniels

DFW Style Daily: What was your biggest challenge for you when you first started modeling? Did modeling help you discover new things about yourself? Hayley Rudolph: “It did. First I think the biggest challenge was the beauty standards and how I was supposed to look, what size I’m supposed to be which is getting better but there are still many different standards for modeling. It was hard for a while because living in California is really brutal because there are so many people trying to do the same thing. God, you know if you’re one inch away from the perfect stuff, they’re not going to choose you. So I had gone through a lot of hard things in junior high and high school because of unlikely standards. And eventually I realized I’m not like this, I’m just going to do what I want to do. I enjoyed finding new things, meeting new people and realized I’m not going to care what other people think, I’m going to do this on my own, I’m not going to go through an agency and I’m going to choose the kind of modeling I want to do.”
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Image courtesy of James Harris (Grit Images)

DFW Style Daily: Describe the most memorable moment or project you worked on so far. Hayley Rudolph: “Probably when I released my clothing line. It was so fun because a lot of people I had met through modeling and other shoots I was able to use as my models for it. It was just so fun working with all of them at once. Being able to put my own line out there and seeing all these people that deserve to be on big magazines and stuff be able to be part of it as well. It was a lot of fun. I think it was a tie between that and the fashion shows I’ll produce as well.”
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 Image Courtesy of Greg Daniels

DFW Style Daily: Tell me about your special talents or hobbies. Hayley Rudolph: “I am an animal rescue person. I work with PETA and I save a bunch of different animals every day. I have a pig and chickens that I rescued, they’re like my life right now and my pug as well. I feel like my hobby is animals, I mean I want to open my own rescue unit, that’s my future dream job. I feel like I’m pursuing that a lot. DFW Style Daily: Describe your perfect day off and what you like to do in your free time. Hayley Rudolph: “Probably hanging out with my animals. I raised my animals to be very cuddly, even though they’re considered farm animals. They love to cuddle, my chickens love to get all over me. I love horror movies, I like to sit there and probably have a movie night with my friends.”
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Image Courtesy of Greg Daniels

DFW Style Daily: Who is your biggest inspiration or role model? Hayley Rudolph: “I’m going to say Magdalena Frackowiak, she’s a supermodel and I just love her attitude and everything and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks. Naomi Campbell same way. But then I loved Angelina Jolie for her good will. Her vision on life is great. DFW Style Daily: What are your current modeling goals and future plans? Hayley Rudolph: “Modeling, I’m just going to see where it’s going to take me. I’m trying to pursue as many things as I can, I want to have as many jobs as I can that I want to do. Thankfully modeling has gotten me into fashion designing, planning and meeting other clients for future jobs and stuff. Modeling wise, just depends on if in the next few years I still want to do it. Future plans… I have so many. I want to open my own agency, I’d like to open my own modeling teaching business, like schooling and then I want to open my own animal rescue unit. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do those things in the next six years or so.”