A Petite Model With Diehard Ambition

Welcome to Face Time. DFW Style Daily’s exclusive series goes beyond the runways to get to know top models on a personal level. Why? Because there’s so much more to one of fashion’s most competitive fields than meets the eye. The modeling industry is changing, more opportunities exist for men and women alike that are not your typical high fashion models. Today we introduce an alternative model with the ambition to open her own agency. Name: Stefanie Wolfes Hometown: Blue Ridge, TX Agency: Diamond Industry Promotional Model Notable Clients: Richard Martinez, Mei Yang, James Harris and Greg Richardson DFW Style Daily: How and when did you start your career with modeling? Stefanie Wolfes: “I started in January of this year actually, so very new. It’s definitely happened very fast for me. It’s been crazy and I’ve loved every second of it. It’s something something I am truly passionate about. I just turned 24, I’ve been through several colleges just trying to find what I like doing, this sort of just fell into my lap and I agreed to do it; it’s like the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” DFW Style Daily: What do you enjoy most about modeling? Stefanie Wolfes: “I enjoy the creativity that goes along with it. I’m very free spirited and I’m very creative and I like making headpieces, I like making my costumes, I like picking locations, I just love being the backbone of my photoshoots. I love the creativity because it allows me to express myself. I mean, I do my own makeup, I do my own hair. I like to get the ideas in my head out and turn them into art.” DFW Style Daily: What was your biggest challenge for you when you first started modeling? Did modeling help you discover new things about yourself? Stefanie Wolfes: “My biggest challenge was that I was completely camera shy. I started as a favor to a friend. She makes headdresses and clothing and she needed a model. Since we’re friends she was like ‘I think you would look great in this’ so I gave it a shot. Growing up I was different. Every school I went to I was bullied intensely so the biggest challenge was getting out of my head, putting myself out there, and making myself do it. The more I did it, the easier it got. It’s really helped my self-esteem.” DFW Style Daily: Describe the most memorable moment or project you worked on so far. Stefanie Wolfes: “Definitely the most memorable moment was my third photoshoot and it was with Mei Yang and she got us published in a magazine. We were published in Gilded Magazine. Getting my magazine in the mail and opening it up and seeing my face in a magazine was definitely the most surreal and satisfying moment in my career especially with it being only my third time doing a photoshoot. Making it into a magazine and opening it up and seeing myself was kind of what made it real for me.” DFW Style Daily: Tell me about your special talents or hobbies. Stefanie Wolfes: “I really enjoy makeup. Before I found modeling I was going to go to school to be an esthetician so I could do freelance makeup and special effects makeup. I love reading when I have the time. I make headdresses and I’m learning how to make my own costumes for my shoots. I enjoy dancing as well, not professional or anything but I like to think I can dance a little.
Stefanie 2

Image courtesy of Michael Vines

DFW Style Daily: Describe your perfect day off and what you like to do in your free time. Stefanie Wolfes: “I’m very much a homebody. My perfect day is just spending time with my boyfriend, my dog, going to the dog park, going to the movies, just relaxing. My lifestyle is pretty hectic I would say.” Who is your biggest inspiration or role model? Stefanie Wolfes: “My biggest inspiration is Brooke Shayden; she’s a photographer. Her photography is so out of the box and so creative; you don’t see anything like it. She’s pretty one of a kind and her editing skills are also amazing. You can definitely tell she’s a photographer that know what she wants. I scroll through her Instagram everyday and on her Youtube videos. She’s very inspirational with how creative she is. I’d love to work with her someday if possible.”
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Image Courtesy of James Harris of Grit Images Co.

DFW Style Daily: What are your current modeling goals and future plans? Stefanie Wolfes: “Currently I want to stay on the path I’m going because I have a lot of exciting projects coming up in the future. Nothing I can really talk about, but it’s really exciting. I really want to just keep going until the day comes where they don’t want my pictures anymore and at that point I want to know everything about the business. I want to learn photography, lighting, set dressing, makeup application. I would like to be a promoter for models as well in the future. I just love the industry so much and it is changing so much. It’s not your average 6’0 tall, very slender models anymore, really anybody could be a model these days and that’s what I love about it. I want to help other models like myself find their true passion and continue on with it because I know it’s helped my self-esteem a ton and I want to give back to other people. I want to be somebody they can believe in and trust to get them to the next level.”