Life-Proof Your Look With These Waterproof Products

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Summer is one of the best times for fashion, but for summer makeup, it can be one of the most tricky. From water at the pool or beach to sweat from strenuous outdoor fun, it feels like all the elements want to do is lay siege to your carefully crafted makeup masterpiece.

Well, never fear! We scoured the makeup world and found some must-have waterproof products to keep your face intact and smudge-free.


Your face is the canvas for your makeup masterpiece. Make sure to take extra good care of it in the summer heat and wear sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher.

Smashbox Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

 So it’s not exactly labeled as waterproof, but this primer is the perfect base to prep your skin for the rest of your makeup. Apply it to your face and let it sit for fifteen seconds before applying the next layer, a waterproof foundation.

Which brings us to…


Sweat Cosmetics

Sweat Cosmetics is creating a new way to wear makeup. Specially formulated and tested by Olympic and professional athletes, this foundation and powder combo is made to weather even the most rigorous day in the sun. When tested by women during a one-hour workout session, 83 percent reported that Sweat stayed intact. The cherry on top? They come in shades for all skin colors and are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and offer UV protection. Um, YES PLEASE.

Amazonian Clay Bronzer

Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer

Not only is this tarte’s best-selling bronzer, but it’s PERFECT for lazy days at the beach. Swipe some on before you head out and turn heads with your summer glow. And if you take a dip into the pool or the ocean when it gets too hot, you don’t need to worry about it coming off — this baby’s totally waterproof.


As summer can be harsh on your skin, it can also be a rough time for lips. Keep your pout moisturized with a good lip balm with a high SPF, and find one of these products to take your summer pout to the next level.

Urban Decay Ultimate Pair

Urban Decay Vice Ultimate Pair

The search for long-lasting lip color is every makeup lover’s Holy Grail. This lip liner-lipstick combo from Urban Decay could be the answer! The waterproof liner helps you create the definition you need and the color you want, without worrying about reapplying every few hours.

matte-liquid-lipstick-focallure-matte-liquid-lipstick-07-1_800xFocalluré Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick

With rave reviews and “waterproof” right there in the name, Focalluré’s matte liquid lipstick can weather even the choppiest beach waves.



Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Is there anything more frustrating than when your painstakingly crafted eyeliner wing gets smudged by a stray hand, sweat or just daily wear? This liquid eyeliner from Stila is a must-have staple for your makeup routine, from a cute little wing to the full Cleopatra.

Tarte Eyeliner

Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner

With colors like the pastel blue “Unicorn Kisses” to the bright copper “Lucky Penny,” this waterproof paint-on eyeliner is as fun as it is resilient. For the truly ambitious beach-goer, a look like the one above is easy and won’t wash away with the first big wave. If you really want to have some fun, get it in colors that complement your swimsuit.

Share your waterproof looks with us on Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget that the most important thing about any makeup is you feeling fabulous at the end.

 Images courtesy of individual retailers.

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