Dallas’ Hottest Boutique Fitness Studio: One Lagree

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The only thing more Dallas than tacos & margaritas are the boutique fitness studios that help us work the former off. Cue Dallas’ newest addition, One Lagree. When owner, Jennifer Eitches, moved to Dallas two years ago she knew she wanted to open a business that she enjoyed being at every day. “A place that I could surround myself with people that have the same goals,” said Eitches. She chose regularly took Lagree classes while living in LA & eventually pursued Lagree certification. “I chose Lagree because there wasn’t a Lagree studio in Dallas that carried the latest machines.”

For those familiar with Pilates you may have an idea what Lagree is, but as the studio says, “It’s not Pilates, it’s Lagree.”


So what does that mean?

Lagree-type studios are actually fairly common but are typically made into a “hybrid” class with another form of exercise. Because Lagree is a type of reformer, most studios identify themselves as Pilates. “Identifying as Pilates is fine because there are some moves you can do, but I’m not mixing Pilates & Lagree,” said Eitches “We are Lagree & only Lagree. I wanted to separate myself & make sure the clients knew what they were getting into. I’m not Pilates, I’m not Barre, I’m not yoga. I’m Lagree.”    


Offering a workout unlike any other, Lagree uses the Megaformer M3 to target individual muscle groups. Similar to the traditional reformers, the Megaformer M3 has the moveable carriage, as well as straps, pulleys, & springs with adjustable levels tension. However, Eitches said, the Megaformer has a longer stride attached to its carriage, & bars off both the front & back platforms. “The long carriage travel modification makes it more versatile for standing exercises, & allows both a push & pull effect for training,” she said. “The use of the springs is the key to the safety & efficiency of Lagree Fitness workouts. Given that the training is moving muscles both in a positive & negative direction, elongating the muscle, you will see increased movement around your joints.”

So how will you feel after a workout? Sore. But in the best way.

“Everything we do is core intensive so with that said you’ll feel pretty tired but in a good way… it’s all about the slow twitch muscle fibers. These are your fat-burning muscle fibers & also our smaller muscle fibers, so this workout is perfect for the “lean & toned” look.” Isolation is key at One Lagree, as students will work one muscle group at a time to achieve effective muscle stimulations before moving onto the next. Eitches recommends going slow & embracing the shakes.

You can look good while doing it too, One Lagree’s retail shop will offer fitness brands like Alo, Koral & Varley with upcoming Fall additions of Cushnie et Ochs & P.E. Nation. But you can wear whatever you like in class (as long as you have on your grippy socks!)


Eitches isn’t just a Lagree expert, she is a #Girlboss in her own right, although she considers, One Lagree more like a family where everyone plays a part in making it special.  “Find people who love what it is you’re starting & come together as a family/team,” she said. “Surround yourself with people with the same vision.”

One Lagree, is now open in Turtle Creek Shopping Center at 3858 Oak Lawn Ave, Ste. 440. Learn more on their website www.onelagree.com. Prices start at $32 per class & memberships begin at $280/month. Gr& opening specials include a two-week trial membership for $69 for unlimited classes. Follow One Lagree on social media at @OneLagree on Facebook & Instagram.

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