Second Annual Dance Festival Brings Dallas’ Top Dancers Together, With A Sprinkle Of Julliard Talent

Former Texas Ballet Theatre dancer Addison Holmes is bringing the local dance community together for a one-night event this Sunday, Aug. 6. A dancer with a big heart, her non-profit Wanderlust Dance Project is also giving young dancers, like Booker T. Washington alum Madison Hicks, and choreographers a chance to shine on stage. Wanderlust 2 Spending summers in intensives at top ballet schools including Royal Academy of Dance, American Ballet Theatre, Joffrey Ballet NYC, Austin Ballet and Mignon Furman's American Academy of Ballet, Addison birthed the idea of Wanderlust after having her own chance to perform on stage with company dancers far beyond her age.  “DFW is an incredible training ground for dance- we have these Nationally recognized studios training some of the world’s most incredible dancers and we have Booker T, one of the best Arts schools in the country,” she told us in an exclusive interview. Pioneering themselves on innovation and talent, Wanderlust is comprised of members from dance companies ranging from Bruce Wood, Texas Ballet Theatre and Dallas Black Dance to smaller companies like Dark Circles Dance Theatre, Avant Chamber Ballet and Contemporary Ballet Dallas. Just this year, several young men from Wanderlust were selected to live a dancer's dream at Juilliard. While there is a large dance community it's easily forgotten when dancers move to the larger “showbiz” cities. Wanderlust 1 “I want the young dancers of Dallas to know when they leave for their further University training, or if they try to 'make it' in  NYC or LA, that they can come back to their home town of DFW and do real incredible professional dancing," said Addison. Wanting to create opportunities that would help these professional artists and young dancers currently in the Dallas community,  she created Wanderlust and its Emerging Choreographer program.  The existence of the company emphasizes the importance of dancers and choreographers supporting one another without the aspect of competition. “Dance is not a selfish art,” Addison said. “While we do expect a lot for our dancers, to be able to set these intricate pieces in such a short amount of rehearsal time, it’s done under the guise that we are all on the same level no matter our experience and we all deserve a beautiful and successful show." Wanderlust 3 In the true spirit of innovation, Wanderlust has brought emerging choreographers into the spotlight. Choreographers are given the opportunity to show their talents to the Dallas community, including choreographer David Cross who choreographed for last year’s show. “He was so happy and excited to set a piece, and I and critics thought it was truly brilliant. He made dance and his dancers fun, and really entertained the crowd," Addison told us. “I saw the deserved press from the critics, and the accolades that came after, and was so proud to have been able to give him a platform for his talent,” Reed emphasized the importance of experience for choreographers. “You can study it, and try it on your peers, but there is something about the pressure of a professional setting in a 1,600 seat theatre with dance critics watching that will really excel your talent and develop who you are and what you want to say as an artist," said Addison.  Wanderlust Dance Project will show Dallas something special at its second-annual event, but that is only the first stop. Wanderlust will be hitting the road next spring with shows in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and New York before coming home to the Big D. Watch the magic unfold onstage at the historic Majestic Theatre this Sunday, Aug. 6. For more info, visit their website. See you at the show!  All images courtesy of Wanderlust Dance Project.