Be Ready to Slay: Beyonce, Ballet, and Rose

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Beyonce, Ballet & Rose, could there be a more perfect combination? You don’t even have to answer we know the answer is no. Well thanks to the Arts Mission Oak Cliff, you can have all of those things at the “Beginner Beyonce, Ballet & Rose Class” on July 28.


This is the second “Beyonce, Ballet & Rose” held by the AMOC. Artistic Director, Anastasia Munoz was inspired by those all too familiar ballet classes of her childhood. “[I] was pretty terrible at it. I felt a lot of pressure to be perfect & I was far from it,” said Munoz “I returned to dance as an adult & gave myself permission to fail at it– to have fun, not be perfect… Regular ballet music reminds me of being a kid in ballet class, all serious no fun. I thought doing a ballet class to Beyonce would be far more fun, & it is.”

So we have the reason for the Beyonce & ballet, but why rose?

“This event allows for you to gather up your girlfriends & all come ramp up your weekend with a workout & a bevy before you really get the party started,” said Munoz. “We had one of these events in June & everyone had a great time, after getting a little sweaty a cool glass of Rose is heaven.”

If this peaks your interest, better get on it fast as the Beyonce Ballet parties have built a major following on social media.  “I was not expecting the social media traction. I honestly thought I might have about 10 people show up to class- some friends some neighbors.” But with the first classes sold out, it had clearly peaked the interest of the public. “I was blown away by the response on Facebook. I wasn’t quite prepared for how I would need to deal with such a demand.”


AMOC classes are all about inclusivity & little brings different groups of women together like Bey. “I could not be more pleased with the groups of women who show up for these classes. Some of them, this is their first dance class. For some of them this their first workout class,” Munoz said. “These women are brave. They are taking a risk & having a blast. I think we offer a unique place to take a beginning adult dance class because we are not officially a dance studio.  There aren’t little ballerinas running all over. There is not a professional dance company you have to pass on your way in. We are an artist co-working & education center. We don’t even have mirrors in the studio.”

You can expect to leave class smiling & sore. With your workout done & a little bit of new French vocab under your belt. If Beyonce isn’t your cup of tea (or glass of rose), AMOC is moving forward with their BAD series with different forms of dance. “We have to give ourselves permission to be bad, to just begin. So let’s get started right next up BAD Ballet with Rihanna. BAD Modern with Missy. BAD Hip Hop with Chance.”

Tickets are available on their eventbrite page, check out the AMOC Beginner Beyonce Ballet & Rose Facebook page for more info.  

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