This summer is all about the add-ons. Perhaps the biggest and the boldest trend this summer is the tassel. Seen (literally) hanging from almost anything, tassels bring life to the party of bags, earrings, shoes and really whatever else your accessory-loving heart desires. They add the perfect flare to the most basic pieces and leave the wearer feeling ready for any summer adventure (especially if it's a Gatsby-esque summer soiree). From bright and colorful to the feminine and delicate, to the artistic and intricate, you can choose your fringe to fit you. Tassels can be worn as a bold, statement pieces on their own or work as a subtle detail to layer the style of your look. We’ve curated some of the best ways to wear the tassel trend. Read on for how to incorporate tassels without the hassle. tassles Bright & bold colors give the wearer a tropical vibe. These tassels are softer in material and jewel toned, reminiscent of classic Latin pieces. Want to add a little extra? These look amazing paired with boho-patterned dresses and maybe even some pom-pom details. tass1 You could, however, lean more towards the sophisticated side. Muted-toned tassels paired with large stones or metallic pieces make for a playful, yet fashion-forward addition to the more formal outfit. The runway-like addition plays at sophistication and subtle old Hollywood-esque glamor. RealStyle_582x360_21-581x359