Isn’t She Lovely, “That’s Lovely Blog” creator Olivia Roberts Finds Her Dream

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Fashion blogging is a hot topic and a fun experience. You can show the world your creativity and style. You may not be well-known or you may become Instagram famous whether you strive to be or not. The unexpected case is how “That’s Lovely Blog” owner and creator Olivia Roberts came to be.

A Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) graduate, graphic designer and licensed cosmetologist, with 21,000 followers on Instagram, she found her unexpected path to fashion icon status.


“I started a blog just as a fun thing and it kind of turned into a job in itself, which I wasn’t expecting,” Roberts said.

When she first started, Roberts escaped from the fashion corporate world. She did not purposefully market her blog but gained her Insta fans by hashtagging the companies in her posts, sometimes resulting in regrams.

“I know a lot of girls with a lot of friends that are bloggers that are just such go-getters”, Roberts said. “They know all the right marketing and I have no idea what I’m doing. Right now I’m just sticking to letting it grow naturally using hashtags and hoping people like the content.”
Roberts found herself taking photos of outfits she created on her personal mannequin from fashion school and posting the combinations on her Pinterest page. Roberts used this method when she would get ready for work. She would open Pinterest, scroll through her prepped outfits and choose one to wear for the day. Soon Roberts decided to take mirror selfies and save the photos to her phone. One day her sister Jordan mentioned that Roberts should start a fashion blog.

“When she said that I was like, ‘nobody’s going to follow that, that’s stupid,’” Roberts said. “But then she [Jordan] said not to do the blog for anyone else but to do it for myself.

From that day three years ago, “That’s Lovely Blog” has stayed alive.

The name “That’s Lovely” was suggested by Roberts’ peers in fashion school. In her portfolio class, everyone had to create a company name for a fashion project. However, your classmates had to choose the name for you. So as a result, her entire fashion class came up with the name “That’s Lovely” because of her aesthetic.

Roberts finds her inspiration, not from a person but from clothing itself. She asks herself what she might be doing in the outfit she’s wearing that day.


“I think clothes are an outward expression of art,” Roberts said.

If you have seen Roberts on Insta or follow “That’s Lovely Blog”, you may have seen that she does not have a style theme. Her outfits are based on how she feels on a certain day. However, Roberts is normally attracted to bright colors (hot pink being the favorite).

Alice + Olivia is Robert’s favorite designer brand.

“It’s just so fun and you never get bored with her clothes,” Roberts said. “You always feel happy in them but they still an edge of sophistication to them.”

Roberts was drawn to Alice + Olivia by how “happy” the clothes made her feel. She loves the atmosphere of the store; how it’s welcoming and uplifting.

Roberts dreams to be a full-time blogger one day, but until then, she is a self-employed graphic designer who blogs for fun.

For more information and updates on Roberts go to or follow her Instagram page. Shop her looks on the app or simply take a screenshot on Insta!

Images Courtesy of Jordan Roberts (@jordanlindsayroberts)

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