McCoy Road Represent Dallas And Family In Every Watch They Make

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Since 1986, the hot Dallas summers provided a backdrop to the small family-owned walk-in shop on McCoy Road where three sisters sat pulling orders, packing, and replacing batteries for watches.


For over 30 years, the family has been handcrafting watches featuring stainless steel, genuine leather, and Japanese movements. They sketch out renderings of a new model, then create a 3-D model to see what the watch would look like in real life. Once the 3-D print is approved, the artwork is sent to China where McCoy Road’s supplier begins to create the final product in stainless steel.

While McCoy Road watches are handcrafted, they are still affordable. Today, flimsy fast- fashion watches can be attained for between $20-50 and high-end watches for upwards of $500, but McCoy Road noticed that reasonably priced $100 “luxury” watches were unoriginal in design. The sisters- Anita Khan, Nworen Moeenuddin, and Zahara Rehmatullah- set out to custom- make their own watches in that price range while disclosing all materials, setting them apart from other watch brands.


“We were raised to spend our time wisely, spend it well, and spend it doing what you love,” Anita said. “Today, we devote our time to making well designed and quality made products at an accessible price for all to enjoy.”

Even after 30 summers of working side by side, the sisters still enjoyed each others’ company and work ethic, deciding to jointly open McCoy Road in January 2017 .

“We had fun working because we were together and we continue to enjoy working together to this day,” Anita said. “We love each other’s company, sharing our love for designing beautiful watches and sharing that with the world. We definitely balance each other out, each contributing our own set of skills. Nworen is good at math, Zahara is great at sales and Anita works on the creative direction and trend analysis.”

Everything in the company reflects the close-knit family, from the company being named after the street they grew up on, to the craftsmanship learned from their father, to the secret message embossed in the key logo on the back of the watch.


“It’s where we learned the values that inspired us to take this leap,”  Zahara said of naming the company after the Dallas street the sisters grew up on.

Every watch also includes a visual reminder. “There’s a key design that consistently appears on the back covers,” Nworen explains. “It symbolizes an invitation into our humble home on McCoy Road, where it all started.”

The sisters’ favorite part of designing and selling watches is figuring out what type of personality the customer has and what type of timepiece would fit their characteristics best.

“A watch is an accessory that says so much about a person,” Anita said. “At a glance, you can almost identify someone’s lifestyle – sporty, professional, simple, smart, luxury, classic, etc.”

Images Courtesy of McCoy Road

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