Vintage Tex Brings Nostalgic Flair To Grapevine

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There’s just something about a little pre-loved attire with some nostalgic flair. At least, this was how former attorney Jen Cooper felt before she created what is now Vintage Tex.

Vintage Tex carries a variety of clothing to represent the Edwardian era to the present. The majority of clothes are made in the 1970’s but Vintage Tex caters to individuals and creatives alike by providing costumes for plays, movies, TV shows and events.

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Jen Cooper founded Vintage Tex five years ago out of a longing for clothing that matched her nostalgic home decorations. As a lawyer, she had no experience owning a retail store but she didn’t let that stop her from providing unique fashion for the community.

“[Vintage Tex] reflects my personal values by conserving resources, contributing to the local community and economy, and providing a welcoming atmosphere where all people are treated with kindness, respect and dignity,” Jen Cooper said.

There are costumes available for every look from Lady Macbeth to  1950’s Hairspray. If the Grapevine store is too far of a drive Vintage Tex has an Etsy shop where you can buy pieces online. However, only clothing at the brick-and-mortar store is available for rent.

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“We’re so small, so it’s hard to claim that Vintage Tex makes an impact on Grapevine as a community, but this work is so much more fulfilling than my job as an attorney ever was. Plus, our stuff is amazing,” Jen Cooper said.

Stop by Vintage Tex Costume Rental in Grapevine, Texas. 603 S Main St., Suite 300, Grapevine, Texas. To learn more, click here!

Images courtesy of Vintage Tex. 

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