Luxury Sportswear Brand LEVENITY Releases Fall ’17 Capsule “WOMANKIND”

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Redefining American ready-to-wear sportswear, Dallas-based brand LEVENITY hits the scene with the release of its Fall ’17 capsule collection “WOMANKIND” (and we’re all about it!) Designer Venny Etienne distinctively brings together elements of architectural lines and texture-blocking to create bold, modernized pieces. The capsule keeps the cohesion and variety consistent from previous collections but adds more flexibility with new basic knits and inspiration behind the designs. And if one thing’s promised: it’ll be hard to miss these designs that pair camouflage with red stripes and lengthy overwear with oversized studs.


“WOMANKIND” is inspired by the strength and the backbone of womanhood. It portrays the constant fight for equality and justice. Etienne uses camouflage print to exemplify that supporters of equality across the board will not rest until it comes to fruition. Incorporating red within also symbolizes that all bleed the same color although born from different ethnicity and walks of life. The capsule continues the mission of breaking down barriers that lead to identifying a person before understanding their story.

We caught up with the designer to talk aesthetic, celebrities and the legacy of LEVENITY. Read our inside scoop below and check out the launching collection available for pre-order as its first full season on the new e-commerce site today.


DFW Style Daily: How does LEVENITY stand out amongst the various brands in the contemporary women’s ready-to-wear market?

“I believe our attention to detail and the quality of our work stands out. I love structured pieces that exude strength and that are easily identifiable throughout my collections. However, fine-tuning and carving out my aesthetic has not been an easy road. I have to be honest, I’m learning something new about the customer I design for each day. What helps the process is talking to amazing mentors who have a wealth of knowledge that can guide and point you in the right direction.”

We saw Michelle Williams wearing pieces from your collection on different occasions, how did it feel to see an icon in your creations?

“It felt amazing! Michelle is such a beautiful soul, inside and out. I remember when J.Bolin uploaded the picture of her wearing our LVC lace up dress from our Spring collection. I was in Khiels at North Park Mall getting ready to check out and my phone kept buzzing. The cashier lady asked why I was smiling so hard, so I showed her the picture and we ended up celebrating that moment together. I’m happy and humbled to be a small part of Michelle’s big journey, and grateful of J.Bolin to have included me.”


What’s your favorite part of the design process? 

“There’s this intuition that happens at every stage when something clicks and you’re like ah-ha!’ It can be during the sketching stage, the stage with the fit model, or even when I’m cutting out the actual fabric. Something in me that says to take a different turn on it and when I do, it’s magical and never fails. I can say with confidence that everything that is produced and finalized was chosen and created with the assistance of that same intuition, and out of love and passion.”

What future plans do you have for LEVENITY and its legacy? 

“We will continue to build relationships with the handful of retailers that we’d love to sell our clothes to. In addition, we’ll gain a broader national awareness that will allow us to continue collaborating with amazing stylists who are able to elevate the essence of the brand. Were also working on our Spring ’18 collection as we speak!”

Images courtesy of LEVENITY.

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