Girl Boss Briana Dai’s Breakthrough Beauty Boss Network

We love a good girl boss story, and entrepreneur Briana Dai's fierce journey to bettering the beauty community is all about it. Shaping DFW one beauty guru at a time, she's changing the game by connecting industry professionals with an innovative, all-inclusive platform, the Beauty Boss Network. Her #GIRLBOSS nature opened many doors, including various transitions that took her beyond her comfort zone. She constantly finds inspiration in surrounding herself with like-minded women as part of this "new wave" and gives it right back to the community to enrich the beauty experience by educating others. "My images and work fulfill me on an artistic level, but on a grander level it's all about who I help, and being a girl boss allows me to do that," Dai said. aboutme Dai found her passion for hair and makeup at age 16, when she started her first business doing beauty for photography shoots. In pursing this, she found herself doing hair and makeup for studios, working in cosmetic retail as a national trainer for retail brands, freelancing for Bumble and Bumble, and finally deciding to attend cosmetology school. Keeping with her 'serial-preneur' traits, Dai founded her first successful business with a partner, called  Makeup Artist Unleashed, that grew to a six-figure brand in its first year. They hosted various master class events around the country with hands-on workshops and business classes. Along the way, Dai made a nifty number of connections before her breakout. "I really attribute a lot of my opportunities and success to having a wide network of people throughout the industry who know about me and want to refer me," Dai said. Her novice experience exposed her to the communication realm within the beauty industry. She noticed something was missing one day as she researched platforms that would allow beauty industry professionals to network with each other. Her search was unsuccessful, as she stumbled upon various niche platforms instead. That was the spark that ignited the Beauty Boss Network. BEAUTYBOSS-5 "Ultimately, I envision the Beauty Boss Network becoming the go-to resource for industry professionals to gain access to breakthrough ideas and business guidance from the brightest in the industry," Dai said. "It's a website for anything and everything a beauty professional needs to scale, grow, and develop themselves personally and professionally." Currently in pre-production, the website will allow beauty professionals and enthusiasts around the world to network via paid memberships. Features include a fully customizable profile where members can list their expertise, upload visuals of their craft, and refer other members for different services. However, there are many free outlets that will be available for all to access, such as Beauty Boss Network podcasts and blogs. Launching globally from the Big D on August 15, the website will continue to strive to break down the walls of niche platforms within. "Dallas has a lot of exciting things coming up for Beauty Boss Network because this is where I can be risky," Dai said. With that being said -- be on the lookout for exclusive sneak peaks leading up to the launch of Beauty Boss Network this fall. Images courtesy of Samantha Jane Creative.