Le Macaron Pastries: An Authentic Addition To The DFW Area

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If you’re a lover of vibrantly colored desserts, French pastries, and authenticity, look no further than Stonebriar Mall in Frisco because Le Macaron French Pastries is the newest place to visit.

Frisco franchise co-owner Jonathan Hanley moved from Minnesota to Texas with his wife (and co-owner) and two daughters three years ago to be closer to family. Once they were settled, Hanley spent six to eight months trying to find a good location for the franchise.

“Being the first location here in Texas, we knew we had to get it right,” Hanley said. “I can’t even explain how difficult it is to find a good location within the D-FW area. What we really liked about this is within the mall, which is always kind of a hard medium to work with, there was this particular space that had this open skylight. Even though we’re set up as a kiosk, it’s not really a kiosk. We really tried to create an authentic café experience.”

With a strong, passionate interest in French culture and having French ancestry, the Hanleys  chose to have a Le Macaron franchise for one reason, “the authenticity.”


Three finely made Vanilla Èclairs. 

The most popular flavors Le Macaron sells are “Madagascar Black Vanilla,” and “Belgian Chocolate.”

“I always recommend those in particular to folks if it’s their first time having a macaron instead of them jumping into a “Basil White Chocolate” or an “Earl Grey” flavor,” he said.

Around each holiday, Le Macaron will have a limited time flavor. For Easter, they sold a “Milk White Chocolate” flavor that had a buttercream center with an “easter egg” inside, which was a milk chocolate surprise.

Not only does Le Macaron have their colorful treats, they also sell artisan chocolate Eiffel Towers, French imported gelato, French press coffee, and on weekends they make croissants, crepes and more.


The Dark Chocolate Eiffel Towers stand proudly shining in the sun. 

For those who love to DIY, Hanley has some helpful tips on making the colorful treats at home.

“Don’t cut quarters on the ingredients,” he said. “Don’t rush it, it’s something where you need to take your time to make sure that you’re doing it right. One of the tricks is getting the crispy shell on the outside and the chewy center on the inside. What helps get that crispy shell is the freezing process in the end.”

Normally, customers have a common misconception of the words “macaron” and “macaroon.”

A macaron is a vibrant colored French pastry with a crispy outer shell and a soft inside that comes in a wide variety of different flavors while the macaroon is a shortbread coconut cookie.

Even with the misconception, Hanley thinks of what is more important.


From back to front: French press coffee, “Lavender White Chocolate”, “Madagascar Black Vanilla”, “Belgian Chocolate” and “Milk and White Chocolate (Easter Edition).” 

“It’s not a matter of what you call them, it’s to be enjoyed,” he said.

If Frisco is too far of a drive, have no fear! Denton will see a Le Macaron franchise in the Golden Triangle Mall in June.

If you want to keep up with Le Macaron, you can check them out here. If you want to follow the Golden Triangle Mall franchise, “Like” them on Facebook. You can also go on Instagram to view all the colorful goodies.

All images courtesy of Sydney Cooper.

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