ArtMail Brings Hand-Curated Decor To Your Front Door

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Have you ever become green with envy after seeing those seemingly effortless gallery walls? You know the ones. You’ve probably either searched high and low for a cohesive collection with no avail or have been too intimidated or overwhelmed to try. Our fashionable friend (and lifelong art enthusiast) Ekaterina Kouznetsova is taking Dallas by storm with her newly launched company ArtMail.


Artist Malvina from Romania

Queue ArtMail: the online subscription service that caters to your decor desires! ArtMail collaborates with real artists to provide you authentic, affordable pieces that fit your personal tastes.

Ekaterina had the idea when she traveled to London over a year ago to expand her knowledge about art curation. The website just launched in January of this year.

“I held positions as a co-curator in a gallery, an International Art Editor for a magazine based out of L.A., and marketing positions for independent artists,” Ekaterina told us. “I repeatedly saw issues I wanted to fix such as lack of exposure for artists with talent yet little resources and no stable streams of income. On the collector side, I saw many people interested yet intimidated by art and unsure of where to start collecting or finding artists. ArtMail remedies all of these problems.”

Sarita print

Artist Sarita from Pretoria, South Africa

Ekaterina does all the printing herself and all the pieces found through ArtMail are exclusive; there’s no finding this art anywhere else! She’s found herself in a tight-knit community of artists and art enthusiasts that allow her to explore work from all over the world.

Diana print

Artist Diana from London, U.K.

To make it even better, keep your eyes peeled for “ArtMail Al” software, that will be launching soon to make your art curation experience even better! Since her successful launch, the young girl boss has started selling originals and acting as a personal curator to Dallas-based art lovers.

We can’t wait to try out this super-personal subscription service and get our houses looking worthy of HGTV. Get started here for just $49 a month, and use the code “DFWSTYLE10” for 10% off any purchase! To purchase a print directly, contact Ekaterina directly at

All images courtesy of ArtMail. 

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