Designer Josh Madans Is Making Pocket Squares Fun With Witty Emojis

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Local entrepreneur turned fashion designer has a way of making plain pocket squares and beaded bracelets into hot new trends.  As a business guru, Josh Madans is a man of many skills and talents. Owner of PR and marketing company, Madans Management, Josh wore many hats. It was his love of creativity in menswear and fashion that inspired him to team up with Halo Home to launch an emoji-embroidered pocket square line and Billy Baker Co., a men’s bracelet line. We sat down with Josh, the witty accessory designer, for some inside scoop on his newest collection Halo Homme. Read on for the scoop!


DFW Style Daily: What was your inspiration to put emojis and witty acronyms on pocket squares?

Madans: “The emojis came about because they are so well known with the girls cocktail napkins from Halo Home. They’ve had great success with them so we wanted to carry that over to Halo Homme. I love them because there is a different emoji on each corner. It’s also fun that you can match them to your mood. The acronyms were done as a fun play off of monograms. Both of them are really just fun and give a guy a way to show some personality. I like to say that pocket squares are the new ties. Let’s face it guys don’t wear a lot of jackets these days, so when they do especially at parties it’s fun to show some sense of humor. Talk about a great ice breaker!”
Vice-pksqCan customers request for specific emojis or acronyms to be put on their pocket square?

“Yes, we do have the capacity to do custom orders. We will also be coming out with some new emojis and acronyms. Neither category seems to be slowing down in popularity.”

What was the inspiration behind this new collection of pocket squares?

“The new styles are all in what we call the ‘Four Corners’ collection, meaning that we have an icon or acronym on each corner. So you are really getting four pocket squares in one. The pocket squares that featured this concept were amongst our best sellers from last year’s debut line. So we decided to make that our signature and now all of our products feature this.”


What is your process to come up with your designs?

“All the designs are from ideas that I have loved over the years and that were hard to find. Like a frayed edge or cross-stitch pocket square that will come out in January. Both have been traditionally hard to find and many times cost prohibitive for the average guy. Otherwise, it’s about having fun and looking sharp at the same time. With all the designs we don’t want to have what everyone else does. We want to be unique.”

What was your inspiration behind Billy Baker Co. bracelets?

“The new collection was built with Spring and Summer in mind. Many are perfect for Summer sporty casual clothes and look great everyday and beach/poolside. I also debuted a really special new collection called ‘Ski and Sun’ that both feature custom-made sterling silver pieces made exclusively for these bracelets.”


Who is your customer? What kind of man is he?

“Our customer is a guy who likes to dress, is into menswear but doesn’t take himself too seriously. Our guy likes to stand out but does so in a discreet way. Our guy has an attitude, individuality, and a confidence that is brought out in his style. Our goal is to help them put it together.”

Aside from public relations, pocket squares and Billy Baker Co., what else do you have brewing?

“Well, isn’t that enough? I’m still feeling my way through, finding the right mix of all these elements. I would like to expand them all really and keep doing things that get me excited and fill my creative needs to produce. I got a late start to entrepreneurship but am embracing it with all my energy and can’t wait to see where that will take me. You know, Ralph Lauren got started selling ties, so who knows?”

All photos courtesy of Josh Madans.

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