Best in Dallas: Chad Lindsey’s Local Slice Of Life

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We love a list and a Best in Dallas list is even better! Today, healthy food fanatic Chad Lindsey is here to share all the reasons why he loves his new hometown.


This Dallas-transplant moved here a few years ago to launch healthy food mecca Snap Kitchen right here in North Texas! The perfect go-to for those who want healthy, handmade meals to fit their busy lifestyles, Snap Kitchen is our go-to for last-minute meals that don’t break the calorie bank. They’re all about making real food delicious, and as Snap’s Market General Manager in Dallas, Chad is obviously a total foodie. Also a husband and father, he’s loved every minute of his time here in Dallas discovering new hidden gems.

This month, Snap has spiced up their options with three new internationally-inspired dishes, each boasting their own unique primary health benefit. Try the Tex-Mex Chicken Bowl for a blast of anti-inflammatory benefits, the Meatball & Kimchi Stir Fry Bowl to take your immune system to the next level and the Mediterranean Mezze for the jackpot of antioxidants. Read on for Chad’s Best in Dallas picks!

Company Cafe

Foodie Favorite: Company Cafe

Chad told us to hit up “Company Cafe if you’re looking for a hip and healthy spot.” Their tasty Paleo menu is right up his alley and full of delicious options. Stop by this Greenville Ave. eatery and sit on the patio for the ultimate brunch experience. Always, always add avocado.

Moscow Mule

Cocktail Culture: Public School 972

Chad prefers bourbon on the rocks, but his wife is quite the cocktail connoisseur. He enjoys sneaking a sip from her “tasty” homemade concoction: a homemade lavender (fresh from the garden!) cocktail inspired by the Crushed Velvet at Public School 972 in Addison. “It’s a mule with blueberry reduction.”


Decor Destination: Boxcar House

“My current favorite is Boxcar House out in Hackberry/Frisco,” Chad told us. “It’s well worth the drive to the burbs for unique pieces designed from actually railroad boxcar wood, metal and misc parts. You can buy in stock or have them build a dream piece.” This spot is the definition of a local hidden gem.


On The Move: Soar United

Chad’s workout of choice? A “legit indoor ninja warrior setup” called Soar United near Galleria Dallas. They offer a climate-controlled fitness park loaded with warp walls, jumping spiders, salmon ladders, quintuple steps and more. Discovered at his son’s friend’s birthday party, Chad insists it’s a must-do. “I had a blast with some of the other dads and a workout at the same time. Some of those obstacles you see on TV are insanely difficult.”

Image 1 courtesy of Snap Kitchen. Image 2 courtesy of Yelp. Image 3 courtesy of Drinking with Chickens. Image 4 courtesy of Pinterest. Image 5 courtesy of YouTube.

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