Beauty Meets Geek: The Fashion Of Cosplay

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Have you ever thought about making your favorite character come to life? You can, by means of cosplay!

The term “cosplay” is the Japanese word for the English contraction of “costume” and “play.” Cosplay is the idea of taking your favorite character from any TV Show, movie, video game, comic book, etc., recreating their outfit (or a different version of them) and impersonating them for fun, competition or (if you’re lucky) modeling/professionally.

Sound interesting? Need more convincing? We can tell you how to begin your cosplay journey.

Choosing a character can be difficult at first. Professional cosplayer, Brit Bliss talks about how she chooses a character.


Brit Bliss as “Psylocke” from the Marvel series “X-Men.” Image courtesy of Will Bezio.

“First, before I even make a character, I try to find a connection with that character so that way I feel motivated to make them,” Bliss said.

The making of cosplay can be done in various ways, you can buy the costume online, have someone make it, sew it yourself, get crafty and make it, etc.

Professional cosplayer and California native, Alexandria the Red came as Poison Ivy for the first day of the Dallas Fan Expo. We asked Red how her cosplay came to fruition.


Alexandria the Red as “Poison Ivy” from DC Comics. Image courtesy of Carlos G Photography.

“I designed the whole costume myself,” Red said. “The corset piece was done by Lauren of Castle Corsetry and I did all the leaves myself.”

You’ve heard what the professionals do, but what about a cosplayer trying to build a platform of their own?

Amateur cosplayer, Leon (known as @luckofthelion on Instagram), gives us the full details of how her “Diane the Serpent Sin” cosplay from the Netflix original anime “The Seven Deadly Sins” was created.


Leon (@luckofthelion) as “Diane the Serpent Sin” from the Netflix original anime, “The Seven Deadly Sins.” Image courtesy of Sydney Cooper.

See the full interview here.

What can new cosplayers do to get noticed?

Costume contests are a way for fans to show off their love for their favorite character for a chance to win a cash prize. This year’s competition has six categories; the Youth Division, Novice Division, Journeyman Division, Master’s Division, Group Division and the Walk-On competition.  At the Dallas Fan Expo, the grand prize for best in show is $1,000.


Contestant cosplaying as “Sylvanas Windrunner” from the game “World of Warcraft.” Image courtesy of Sydney Cooper.

The criteria for each division, according to the Dallas Fan Expo website, are as follows:

MASTERS DIVISION – Entrant(s) in this division have won best in show or placed in multiple top 3 in past contests at conventions.

JOURNEYMAN DIVISION – Entrant(s) in this division have entered contests in the past but haven’t won best in show OR have been cosplaying for over a year.

NOVICE DIVISION – Entrant(s) in this division have never entered a costume contest before and haven’t been cosplaying for over a year.

YOUTH DIVISION – Entrant(s) in this division are between the ages of 13 and 17 years old. NOTE: Entrant(s) in the Youth Division who have won awards in the past will be entered in Journeyman or Masters Division.

GROUP DIVISION – Those entering as groups or duos should enter in one of the above divisions that most fits the best craftsman in the group (e.g. a duo entering with a Master and a Novice would enter in the Masters Division).

Contestants are judged based on craftsmanship, likeness/detail and presentation.

Materials for cosplay can include textiles, fiberglass, paint, sculpture, fashion design, you name it!

Though we have a definition of cosplay, everyone has their own personal meaning when it comes to cosplay.

Professional cosplayer, voice actress, gamer and YouTuber, Jessica Nigri took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to tell us what cosplay means to her.

“Fun,” Nigri said. “It’s cosplay, it’s play, it means have fun, meet people, go to parties, hang out, make cool things and just make people smile.”


Jessica Nigri cosplaying as “Sindragosa” from the game “World of Warcraft.” Image courtesy of Martin Wong.

See full interview here:

Thinking of doing cosplay? Find a character and get creative! Join us next year at the Dallas Fan Expo for more cosplay fun! In the meantime you can keep up with the Dallas Fan Expo on their website or follow them on social media here:

Facebook: FAN EXPO Dallas

Instagram: FAN EXPO HQ

Help support your favorite cosplayers or make your own cosplay page at

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