Heroes & Handbags Is Fun, Fashionable And Philanthropic

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We’re all about supporting powerful ladies at DFW Style Daily, and Larissa Linton and Jenny Dowen are a prime example. Time stood still when Larissa and Jenny both lost their daughters to childhood cancer. They turned their tragedy into a beautiful new beginning focused on helping others in the same position—founding a wonderful organization as well as an annual event that’s just as fashionable as it is philanthropic!

Julianna LeBlanc, Dawn Greiner

Larissa and Jenny founded Heroes for Children in 2004, the only organization of its kind in Texas, to provide families affected by childhood cancer with much-needed assistance. Whether it be financial support or social comfort, Larissa and Jenny knew first-hand the toll that childhood cancer takes on families and were motivated to reach out to those in need.

“Cancer is expensive in every way,” Larissa told us. “Our mission is to alleviate financial pressure by covering immediate financial needs.”


In 2005, Larissa and Jenny collaborated with a few other fashion-forward ladies to create Heroes & Handbags. This annual luxury handbag auction and luncheon advocates for children with cancer and their families, all while allowing attendees to score some awesome goods!

The theme for the event’s 12th time around is “Through the Looking Glass.” Rather than an Alice in Wonderland reference, the phrase means that each person connected through Heroes for Children sees childhood cancer through a different “lens.” Each experience is unique, but the organization aims to connect everyone through their difficult times.

Alexander McQueen

Our heartstrings have been tugged on enough; we can’t wait to check out all the vintage and designer handbags available at this year’s Heroes & Handbags event, and know that they’re helping children in such a fun way!

Heroes & Handbags takes place this Friday, March 31 at The Ritz-Carlton from 9 a.m. to noon. For more information or tickets, visit http://heroesforchildren.org/dallashandbags/.

All photos courtesy of Heroes For Children.

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